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No because there is 3 feet in a meter.

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Q: Is a meter shorter than a foot?
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Related questions

What is longer than centimeter but shorter than a meter?

Inch, foot, meter, decimeter.

Which unit of measurement is longer than a foot but shorter than a meter?

A yard is longer than a foot and shorter than a meter because there is approximately 3.2808339 feet in a meter. 3.2808339 feet is greater than 3 feet

What is smaller then a foot but shorter then a meter?

As the question stands, then such measurements as inches, decimetres, centimetres and millimetres are all shorter than a foot and shorter than a metre.If the question should have been, What is longer than a foot but shorter than a metre? then then answer is a yard.

Is a foot longer or shorter than a meter?

shorter 1 metre consists 3.33 fts

Which is longer a foot or a meter?

a meter is longer than a foot

Is a dictionary taller than a meter or shorter?

shorter than one meter

Which is shorter a centimeter or a meter?

A centimeter is shorter than a meter.

Is a foot almost the same as a meter?

Not really. There are three feet in a yard, and a yard is just a bit shorter than a meter. It is more correct to say that a yard is almost the same as a meter.

Which is shorter than a meter?

A micrometre is shorter.

Is a decimeter shorter than one half a foot?

A decimeter is most definitely shorter than half of a foot. A decimeter is .1 centimeter and there are 15.24 centimeters in 6 inches which is half of a foot.

What is more shorter than a yard?

A foot is shorter than a yard.

Is 1 foot is shorter then 1inch?

No. 1 inch is shorter than 1 foot.

Is a kangaroo taller than one meter or shorter?

Shorter than one metre.

what is shorter than 1 meter?

paper clip

Is a decameter shorter than one meter?


Is 68 centimeters longer or shorter than 1 meter?

1 meter = 100 centimeters 68 centimeters is shorter than 100 of them.

Is yard stick shorter than a meter stick?

No, a yard stick is about 0.2 inches (85.6 mm) shorter than a meter stick. Hope these helped!

Is an 87-cm rug longer or shorter than a 1-meter rug?


How much larger is a yard than a meter?

a yard is shorter than a meter by 3.37 inches

How long should a leader be on a fly fishing line?

your leader should roughly be a foot shorter than your rod ( no shorter than 6 foot)

Which is shorter 3 quarter of a foot or 8 inches?

8 inches is shorter than 3 quarter of a foot.

What is a measurement shorter than a meter?

a centimeter

What is shorter than a decimetre?

A millimeter and a centimeter are shorter than a decimeter.1.0 meter = 10.0 decimeters1.0 meter = 100.0 centimeters1.0 meter = 1000.0 millimeters

How many shorter is one foot than one yard?

One foot is two feet shorter than one yard.

Which is shorter 15 inches or 1 foot?

1 foot equals 12 inches which is shorter than 15 inches