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No, a mile is not a metric unit. A mile is a customary unit.

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Q: Is a mile a metric unit?
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What metric unit is comparable to a mile?


What Metric unit closest to one half of a mile?


What metric unit is closest to a mile?


What is the appropriate customary unit or metric unit of a marathon?

mile and kilometer

Is a foot metric or customary?

It is a customary unit.

What is mi unit in a metric system?

mi is not a unit in the metric system. It is used as the standard symbol for mile in non-metric systems, so as not to confuse it with m for metre.

What would the appropriate metric unit be to find the length of a mile?

The Kilometer. One Mile equals 1.61 kilometers.

What metric unit would you use to measure the length of a state?

Kilometer or mile

How many kilograms are equal to a mile?

A kilogram is a unit of mass (weight) but a mile is a unit of distance. Distance does not have mass so you cannot say that any amount of kilograms are equal to a mile. A kilometer is the metric unit of distance. There are 1.61 kilometers in a mile.

How many feet are in a metric mile?

A metric mile is a distance of a mile rounded to an approximate round number in meters. 1600 m is a good number for a metric mile. An actual mile is 1609.344 m. A metric mile set at 1600 m contains 5249.34 ft.

What does kilometers measrure?

Kilometer is a measure of length or distance in the metric system. It is usually compared to the 'mile' unit. One kilometer is equal to about 0.621 mile.

What is the metric unit of capacity of a teardrop?

The metric unit is a millilitre. The metric unit is a millilitre. The metric unit is a millilitre. The metric unit is a millilitre.

How many yards are in a metric mile?

There is no such thing as a 'metric mile', but if you're talking about the U.S. mile the ratio is 1760 yards to 1 mile

Is kilograms a metric unit?

A kilogram is a metric unit.

Is a decameter a customary unit or a metric unit?


What is a metric unit of time?

metric unit of time is called a second.

What you a metric unit of volume?

I not a metric unit of anything! A litre is one metric unit for volume.

How many miles are in a klm?

One kilometer is equal to approximately 0.62137 miles. Similarly, there are 1.6093 kilometers in one mile. The kilometer is metric unit used for length, and the mile is the unit of length used in the Imperial system.

Metric version of the mile 0.6 miles?

The mile (mi) correspond to a US/Imperial unit measuring distance. Its metric counterpart are the meter (m) and kilometer (km) respectively. .6 mi equals 966 m and .966 km.

What is the metric unit?

The metric unit of what . -There is an entire metric system of all kinds of units .

Define a metric unit?

A metric unit is a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system, based on meters and kilograms and seconds.

What is the metric unit length of a tree?

The metric unit for length or distance is the meter.

Is liters a metric unit?

yes a liter is a metric unit

What it the basic unit of the metric unit?

The basic unit of the metric system is the meter and liter.

Is pound a metric or customary unit?

Pounds are a customary unit. The metric unit is grams.