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A mile is more than a kilometer. The conversion ratio is about 1:1.6
a mile is more.

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Q: Is a mile more or less than a km?
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Is a kilameter less than a mile or more?

A mile is 1.6 km, so a kilometer is less than a mile.

Is a km larger than equal to or less than a mile?

1 km = about 0.621 mileThat's less than a whole mile.

What is the distance of less than a mile and 1.6 km?

1 mile is 5280 ft and is longer than 1.6km which is equal to 5248 ft (rounded) So 1.6 km is "less" than a mile.

Is km further than mi?

No, a km (kilometre) is less than a mi (mile).

Is 100 miles less than 100 kilometers?

No. Since 1 mile is about 1,6 km, 100 miles is more than 100 km.

Which is less 1 mile or 2 kilometers?

There are 1.609344 kilometres in one mile. This is less than 2 kilometres.

Is 1 mile greater or less than 1.6 km?

One mile is just slightly greater than 1.6 km: (1.6 km = 0.994193 miles).

What is more 1 mile or 1kilometer?

1 mile is longer than 1 km 1 mile = 1.609 km

Is a km the same as a mile?

No. 1 kilometer is a little less than a mile - about 0.621 miles.

One mile is alittle less than 2 kilometers?

2 km = 1.24 mile

Which is longer between a kilometer and mile and how much?

1 mile = 1.6 kilometers1km = 0.6214 miles1 km is clearly less than a mile. The mile is about 0.6 km (0.3786 miles) longer.

Is a km bigger than a mile is a km bigger than a mile?