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Negative divided by a negative is always a positive.

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Q: Is a negative divided by a negative a posotive?
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Does an electron have a posotive charge?


Negative and posotive numbers in an expression?

Sure, why not?

Can the absolute value of a be posotive or negative?

It can be either.

Does a negative and a posotive number equal a negative?

A negative number TIMES a positive number will equal a negative number. A negative number DIVIDED BY a positive number (or vice versa) will equal a negative number. With addition and subtraction, it all depends on what the numbers are.

What were some negative and posotive points of Christianity?

i have no info.

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in 1 his posotive is hogwarts his negative is voldemort

Negative 282 minus posotive 1017 equals?


What does the x axis define or label?

posotive/ negative numbers

What happens when you subtract a negative from a posotive?

Subtracting a negative is like adding a positive; the result will be positive.

Does pride cause jealousy?

Pride is posotive and jealousy is negative.

The product of two posotive numbers or two negative numbers is?

The product of two positive numbers or two negative numbers is a positive number.