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No. A pentagon has 5 sides and a triangle has 3 sides.

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Q: Is a pentagon a triangle
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What do a pentagon and a triangle have in common?

A pentagon and a triangle are both polygons. There are three triangles in a pentagon. Both a triangle and a pentagon have exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees

Can you tessellate a triangle and a pentagon together?

yes you can tessellate a triangle and a pentagon together.

Is a triangle pentagon?


How many triangle are in a pentagon?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon

Does a triangle have more angles than a pentagon?

No a pentagon has way more angles than a triangle does.

What does not belong triangle square pentagon hexagon?


How do you make a pentagon using a triangle?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon

What is the triangle form by a pentagon?

I think what you are asking is "What type of triangle is formed within a pentagon?" That depends on whether the pentagon is either regular or not, and also by how you plan on making the triangle, specifically between which diagonals of the pentagon. There is not enough information to answer this question.

How many more sides does a pentagon have than a triangle?

who many more sides does a pentagon have than a triangle.

How many triangle are there in a pentagon?


What shape is half of a pentagon?


What does a rhombus and a triangle make?


Is a triangle a pentahedron?

no its a pentagon and it is a pelelelgram

what is half of a pentagon?


Which polygon has fewer sides than a hexagon?

A pentagon, quadrilateral or triangle.

A triangle and a trapezoid can be combined to make a?

Bigger triangle, a parallelogram or a pentagon.

Why does a pentagon and a triangle tessellate?

They can in some configurations.

Another name for a pentagon?

pentagonal triangle

What is made when you combine a triangle with a parallelogram?

A Pentagon

What shape does a square and triangle make?

a pentagon

What makes a triangle and a square together?


Why does a triangle not belong with a square pentagon hexagon?


What is the area of a regular pentagon with a side length of ten units?

A regular pentagon has five (5) equilateral triangles within it. Find the area of each triangle (1/2bh where b is the base of the triangle or the length of a side of the pentagon, and h is the height of the triangle or the apothem of the pentagon) and multiply the area of the triangle times five (5).

Which figure can never have parallel sides a rhombus triangle quadrilateral pentagon?

A triangle.

Which polygon has less than 4 vertices?

A triangle has three vertices.