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No it is not equal to a ratio.

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Q: Is a percent equal to a ratio?
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Related questions

What percent does the ratio 1 to 1 equal?


What ratio is equal to 60 percent?

3 to 5

What ratio below is equal to 40 percent?

There is no ratio below that is anywhere near 40% .

How do you write a ratio as a percent?

A percent is a number relative to 100. Therefore, we want the number 100 in the ratio. In order to do that, we need to multiply BOTH numbers in the ratio by a number so that the second number of the new ratio is equal to 100. The first number of the new ratio is the percent. For example: 4:5 = [4*20]:[5*20] = 80:100 = 80%

A percent is a ratio of a number to WHAT?

A percent is a ratio of a number to 100.

What is an equal ratio for 72 percent?

72 to 100 or 36 to 50 or 18 to 25

What is 4 percent as a ratio strength?

The ratio is 1:25 4 percent as a ratio is 0.04 : 1

How do you turn 38 into a percent?

The number 38 is equal to 3800% (multiply the number by 100). If you want a ratio, like 38/45, you would need the entire ratio, not just the numerator.

How do you do percent into ratio?

Any number of percent is the ratio of that number to 100.

What ratio is equal to 40 percent?

a few ratios: 40% = 40 / 100 = 4/10 = 2/5

Which ratio is equal to 54 and 24?

Which ratio is equal to 54 : 24?

What is 68 percent as a ratio?

68 percent as a ratio is 68/100 or 17/25.

24 percent and 22 percent to ratio?

ratio: 24% : 22% = 12 : 11

What is the ratio of 70 percent to 30 percent?

ratio = 70% : 30 % = 7 : 3

What is 25 percent in a ratio?

Expressed as a ratio in its lowest terms, if one person is given 25 percent of something, and the other person is given 75 percent of something, this is a ratio of 1:3.

How is a percent related to a ratio other than because there are all numbers?

A percent IS a ratio where the denominator (or second part of the ratio) is 100.

How much is the minimum capital requirement for a commercial bank?

a minimum tier 1 common ratio of 4.5 percent plus a buffer above the minimum equal to at least 2.5 percent of RWA.

22 percent and 24 percent turned into a ratio?

ratio : 22% : 24% = 11 : 12

What is eqivalent ratio?

an eqivalent ratio is an ratio that is equal or you can simplfiy it

Which is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25?

15:24 is not equal to the ratio 15 to 25.

How is converting a ratio to percent the same as solving a proportion?

Converting a ratio to a percent is not the same as solving a proportion.

What is the lowest term of 4 percent in a ratio?

the lowest term of 4 percent in a ratio is 1:25

Is the ratio 2 to 5 equal to the ratio 5 to 2?

yes the ratio 2 to 5 is equal to 5 to 2 * * * * * No, they are not equal. That is like saying that two is equal to a half!

How do you calculate a ratio from a percent?

Formula to calculate the ratio

What 100 percent is the ratio of?

It is the ratio of the whole; of 1.