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no its not!!

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Yazmin Pagac

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Q: Is a piece of sawdust. Bigger than a cell?
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IS a piece of sawdust larger than a cell?

no its not!!

Is an A5 piece of paper bigger than an A4 piece?


Are photovoltaic cells bigger than solar cells?

Yes, the photovoltaic cell is bigger than the solar cell.

What piece of the turkey is bigger on the chicken?

yes the the turkey is bigger than the chiken

What is bigger than a cell?

A Cat

Is a whale cell bigger than a mosquito cell?

Yes it is

Is cytoplasm smaller or bigger than miochondria?

Cytoplasm is the gel stuff that fills the entire cell. A mitochondrion is an "organ" in the cell that is like the power plant. If you're talking density, then the cytoplasm is bigger because it fills up the whole cell. If you're talking one piece of it, then the mitochondria are bigger because the cytoplasm is made up of little particles

Is a cell bigger than a virus?

No.Virus particles are slightly smaller than a cell.

When can one third give you a bigger piece than one half?

it will never be bigger

Are plant cell usually smaller or larger than animal cell?

plant cell - is bigger than animals cell

How do you make the noncount noun sawdust more than one?

how do you make the noncount noun sawdust mean more than one

Is a molecule bigger than a cell?

No. A cell consists of many, many molecules - millions probably.