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No, a product is the result from multiplication. A sum is the result of addition.

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Q: Is a product what you get after adding?
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What is the purpose of adding HCl?

to obtain some product

What is the differences between a product and a factor?

A product is what you answer is if you're MULTIPLYING, and a factor is either dividing or adding.

Adding a standard mark up to the cost of the product refers to?

adding a standard mark up to the cost of the product is adding a "fixed" rate of percentage over the cost to "price" the product. in another word, by doing this all products' selling price has a fixed gross profit over their cost.

What will be the consequences of adding or removing a reactant or aproduct from a reaction that is at dynamic equilibrium?

if reaction is at equ. then adding product will cause reaction to proceed forward and product will increase and removing product will do the same while removing reactant will cause reactn 2 proced bakward and reactant will increase and adding product wl do the same it is in accordnc wth LeChateliars principle

How can farmers restore the minerals in the soil?

by adding a product such as ironite.

What is product line length?

concerned with length. by adding items or "the number of item or products in a product line"

Find the product of 54 and 6?

The product is the result of adding, which is indicated by the word 'and'; so 54 added to 6 equals 60 (the product).

Adding products to systems at equililbrium will do what?

In general, adding product to a system at equilibrium will push the reaction toward the reactant side.

What is the lowest risk in terms of capital budgeting?

adding to a product line.

When adding two numbers you get a sum but when MULTIPLYING two numbers what do you get?

the PRODUCT :)

Is adding salt to water a new product?

Adding a salt to water we obtain a solution (a homogeneous mixture) not a new chemical compound.

How do you simplify expressions?

you simpliyfiy by adding the plus sign to the place where product is the television.

What product can be made by adding water to calcium oxide?

calcium hydroxide is formed.

What is adding value?

Adding value means make the product more attractive for example the packaging of the produts or even make the quality more better.

What is product of 6 and sum of 5?

product means multiplication sum means adding. 6 * 5 = 30 6 + 5 = 11

What is the difference between a sum and a product?

A sum is the result of adding two or more numbers. A product is the result of multiplying two or more numbers.

What is the change in output from adding one more worker called?

marginal product of labor

How is a product mix selected?

Product-mix decisions are concerned with the combination of product lines offered by the company. Basic product-mix decisions include: adding new lines to and deleting existing lines from the product mix; determining appropriate emphasis, etc.

Which results in a more valuable product -- adding or substracting protons from gold nuclei?

adding and subtracting protons from a gold atom would no longer make it gold.

How is gross domestic product calculated?

Gross domestic produce can be calculated in two different ways. One way is adding yearly income and two is adding everything.

What is the product of adding dilute hydrochloric acid to magnesium oxide?

MgO + 2HCl =MgCl2 +H2O

What is Product-oriented learning competencies?

Product oriented learning uses skills that the students have already mastered and adding to those connections with new materials. Competencies can be measured from product oriented learning assessments.

How do you care for hair and scalp under lace weave?

Adding Product To Scalp Between The Weave & Braids

What is the functions of water in baking product?

Dissolving sugars and adding moisture. Helps to bind everything together.

How long after adding clarifier can you resume swimming?

You may be able to use the pool right after adding the product, however, read the label on the clarifier to see what the manufacturer recommends and follow their advice.