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Q: Is a quart the amount of water a bathtub can hold?
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Does a bathtub hold 50 cups of water?

That amount and more

Which measures best describes the amount of water a bathtub will hold?


Does water of a bathtub hold 350 ml?

Assuming that you are asking does a bathtub hold 350 ml of water: 350 ml of water is not very much water, a typical water bottle that you hold in your hand has more than 350 ml of water in it, so a bathtub big enough to hold a person will hold many times that much.

Can a bath tub hold 80 liters of water?

Yes, a bathtub can hold 80 liters of water. The average bathtub is actually big enough to hold around 170 liters of water.

Can a bathtub hold 106 liters of water?


Water in a bathtub?

1000 kilimeters in a normal bathtub. in a huge bath tub is can hold 200345kilimeters

How many gallons of water can a tub hold?

A standard domestic bathtub will hold about 80 gallons of water.

How much water will a bathtub hold?

About 30 gallons on average.

How many cup s of water can a bathtub hold?

That is about 642 cups

Do slipper tubs hold more water then a normal sized bathtub?

The amount of water that a tub holds depends on it's size. There are double slipper tubs that hold more water then a regular bath tub but, there are larger bathtubs that hold more water than a slipper tub.

Witch metric unit is the mass of an orange?

What is the metric unit of a orange? What is the metric unit of a pencil? What iw the customary unit amount of water a bathtub will hold?

How much does a pitcher of water hold?

Water pitchers are available in many sizes, so each will hold the amount of water it is made to hold. It could be a quart, pint, half gallon, or a gallon. Some may be even larger, depending on their intended uses.

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