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Q: Is a real number always sometimes or never an irrational number?
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Related questions

Is a whole number always never or sometimes an irrational number?

Whole numbers can never be irrational.

Is the square of a number irrational Always sometimes never?


Is it always sometimes or never true that the product of a non zero rational number and an irrational number is irrational?

It is always true.

Is the sum of a rational and irrational number never an irrational number?

Wrong. It is always an irrational number.

Can an integer be always an irrational number?


Is a non-terminating decimal always sometimes or never a rational number?

Sometimes. (pi) is non-terminating and irrational. 0.33333... non-terminating is 1/3 , which is rational.

Is the product of a rational number and irrational number always rational?

No.A rational times an irrational is never rational. It is always irrational.

Why is a negative integer sometimes always or never a whole number?


Is the sum of zero and positive number always sometimes or never zero?


Are irrational numbers always rational?

Irrational numbers are never rational numbers

Are terminating decimals always sometimes or never a rational number?


What does irrational number means?

An irrational number is a number that never ends. Like 24.575235758.... The numbers will go on and on.

Which type of number is not rational?

Irrational numbers is any number which cannot be written down. By this, it is infinite, and has no end. Pi is a never ending number, and is irrational. 1/3 is .333... and never ends. This is an irrational number as well.

What number will produce a rational number when multiplied by 0.5?

Any and every rational number.

What is the definition of the math pie?

Mathamatical pi is an irrational number. It classifys as an irrational number because the numbers never repeat and pi is a never ending number.

Can a rational number be a irrational?

No, never. :(

How do you find an irrational square root?

An irrational number is a number that never ends. An example of an irrational square root would be the square root of 11.

What is the principal square root of a positive real number is always sometimes or never a negative?

never a negative

Is an irrational number chosen at random is never a rational number?

An irrational number cannot be rational, so choosing at random is an irrelevance.

Is two regular polygons always sometimes or never similar?

If they have the same nuber of sides (angles) then always. If not then never. So, overall, I suppose the answer is sometimes - depending on the number of sides.

Is rational number sometimes never or always repeating?

If you consider terminating decimals as ones that end in repeating 0s, then the answer is "always".

Are rational number always sometimes integers or never?

They are sometimes - very, very rarely - integers.

Is a real number always sometimes or never a rational number?

Sometimes. The number '4' is real and rational. The number 'pi' is real but not rational.

Are irrational numbers always integers?

they're never integers

What is irrational in math in simple words?

An irrational is a number that the decimal point never ends. ie: 3.1415......... and so on. they never end