Is a rectangle a paralleogram

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Is a rectangle a paralleogram
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Is every paralleogram is a rectangle?


Is a rectangle always a paralleogram?

Yes. Squares, rectangles, and rhombera are special kinds of parallelograms.

Are diagonals of equal length in a parallelogram and rectangle?

the diagonal in a paralleogram is not equal but the diagonals in the rectangle are congruent this is because the opposite sides of a parallelogram and rectangle are same parallel to each other but the adjacent sides of a parallelogram is not perpendicular where as the adjacent sides of rectangle is perpendicular to each other.

How many sides dose a paralleogram has?

a paralleogram has four sides

Are all paralleograms rectangles?

Some paralleograms are rectangles. A right paralleogram is a rectangle. In the case of a rectangle, all angles formed by the sides are right angles and opposite sides are parallel. The sum of adjacent angles in a parallelogram is 180 degrees.

Can a paralleogram be a rombus?


If a puadrilateral is paralleogram and the diogonals are perpendicular then it must be a rectangle?

Not necessarily; a rhombus has 2 pairs of opposite sides which are parallel, like the parallelogram, and its diagonals are perpendicular. (It also has all its sides of the same length.)

A paralleogram which is equilateral is?

A Rhombus

Does a paralleogram tessellate?


Does a paralleogram have rotational symmetry?

no it does not :)

Is a trapezoid a paralleogram?


Does a paralleogram have perpendicular lines?

In general, no.