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Q: Is a rectangle also called a square?
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A rectangle that is also a rhombus is called a?


What quadrilateral can also be called a rectangle?


What can a rectangle can be also called?

A quadrilateral

What can also be called a parallelograms?

A rhombus, rectangle or square.

Could a rectangle be called a square?

no, but a square can be called a rectangle.

What is it called when a square is a rectangle but a rectangle cant be a square?

it means that a square is not a rectangle

What is rectangle called which is equilateral?

The rectangle which is equilateral is called as square.

What is half a square called?

Half a square is called a rectangle or a triangle.

Can a square also be a rectangle?

A square is a special case of a rectangle. Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. A square is a rectangle with four sides that are all equal in length.

Why can a rectangle also be a square?

it cant all sides have to be equilateral edit- a rectangle cannot be a square. however, a square can be a rectangle. reedit - A rectangle can be a square, however, a square must be a rectangle. A rectangle has four 90 degree angles, which a square also has. The rectangle has two pairs of equal length sides, which a square also has. The only additional requirement for a square is that the length of all four sides be equal, which is not ruled out for a rectangle.

Explain why a square is also a rectangle?

A square is a rectangle because a square has 2 parallel sides and so does a rectangle .

Is a quadrilateral that is a rectangle and a rhombus a square?

Yes, it is a square. It can also be a rectangle.