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If you meant to say "rectangle", then yes.

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Q: Is a retangle a parallelogram
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Related questions

How is a retangle different from a parallelogram?

Swell nothing really a rectangle is anparralelagram

What is another word that can be used to describe a retangle?

a rectangle is no more than a parallelogram with 90 degree angles, or you could call it simply a quadrilateral

What polygon has 4 sides?

Square, retangle

Can you cut a trapezoid into a retangle in one cut?


How many congruent sides does a retangle have?


How many lines of symmetry does retangle have?


How do you find the area of a retangle?

Length X Width

What quadrilateral is always a regular polygon?

a square

How many pairs of parellel lines does a retangle have?


What 3d shape has no faces no edges and no vertices?


Is a parallelogram a parallelogram?

yes a parallelogram is a parallelogram

Area of a retangle?

The area of a rectangle is length x width.

What is the formula of retangle for volume?

A rectangle is a plane figure and has no volume.

What is the perimeter of a retangle?

P = 2 x (L + W)

How many edges do a retangle have?

A rectangle has 4 edges or sides.

How many pairs of parallel sides does a retangle have?

Two pairs.

How many shapes can make from three square?

You can make a retangle and diamond. :)

How many lines of symmetry does a retangle have?

2 --Algebra 2 Teacher

How many degrees are in the angles of a retangle?

It has four 90 degree angles

How do you find semiperimeter of a retangle?

Add the length and width of the rectangle. That would do it.

Which quadrilateral has four right angles and four congruent sides?


Volume of a retangle?

We need 3 dimensions to calculate any volume

What is the formula for finding the area of a retangle?

Area = Length x Width

What is the area of a retangle 3cm x 4cm?

The area is 12 cm2.

Which is a parallelogram?

it is a ............................................................................................. parallelogram