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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is a rhombus a type of parallelgram?
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Can a rhombus have the same name as a parallelgram?

NO if a rhombus is called a parallelgram you would get destracted 3.gram

Can a rhombus be a parallelgram?

Absolutely! A rhombus is always a parallelogram!

Is a rhombus a parallelgram?

Yes, it is a parallelogram.

Is every Rhombus a parallelgram?


What is a parallelgram with congruent sides?

A rhombus.

What parallelgram that has all sides congruent?

A rhombus.

What is parallelgram that has all sides but the same length but not a rectangle?

A rhombus

Is a parallelogram always have to be a rhombus?

no it does not always have to be a parallelgram it could be a square or rectangle

What do you call a parallelgram with 4 equal sides but no right angles?


Similariteis between a rhombus and a parallelogrom?

A rhombus is a parallelgram but with all 4 sides the same length (congruent). Also, the diagonals if a rhombus are perpendicular but not necessarily congruent.

How is a parallelgram like a rhombus?

Both have four sides comprising two pairs of parallel sides.

What is the same between a parallelgram and a rhombus?

They both have four sides, four interior angles that total 360 degrees, and two pairs of equal, parallel opposite sides. Every rhombus is a parallelogram, but not every parallelogram is a rhombus.