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Most pools should be oval shaped. Oval shaped pools allow the swimmer to be able to swim laps and have a pool with greater depth.

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Q: Is a round or oval pool better?
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Can a round pool be converted into a oval pool?

No, you cannot convert a round pool into an oval pool. The measurements would be off and you would be unable to move the pieces of the round pool to form an oval.

Can you make an oval pool into a round pool.. Are the ground wall bar tracks the same that came with the oval to design a round from it?

Due to the differences in engineering and the parts involved, there really is no way to convert an oval above ground pool into a round pool.

Are there any disadvantages to getting an oval pool as opposed to round pools - Round pools versus oval pools?

Oval pools I've seen require bracing around the permieter. Round pools do not (its physics). Oval pools also now have bracing options which run under the floor of the pool instead of around the outside. It is worth noting that round pools have a structural design advantage over oval pools and require no additional mechanical bracing, a round pool must be built to a higher specification to ensure it receives the full advantage of its design. If you are building the kit yourself you may like the building process of the oval pool more forgiving.

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Can you convert an above ground 24' round pool into an oval above ground pool?

Answer is noYou can remove a round one and install an oval after, of course, you make necessary adjustments to the ground--making the ground level in an oval instead of a circle. The only things you might be able to re-use from the round pool are the pump/filter, ladder, skimmer and return fittings, and your cleaning equipment. Round pools are built quite differently and are not meant to turned into ovals. Theyndon't have the supports required, whether that be braces or straps. So, basically the answer is 'no'.

Plans for building an oval above ground pool deck?

How to build a deck around a oval pool

Does a bumble bee have a round head or an oval head?

Most bumblebee heads are oval, and are not round.

Swimming Pool Liner Installation?

form_title=Swimming Pool Liner Installation form_header=11633 What type of pool do you need the vinyl liner replaced in?*= () Above ground () In-ground What is the shape of this particular pool?*= () Round () Rectangle () Oval () Other

Is a basketball hoop round or oval?


Are oval pool deck plans good?

I am not familiar with oval pool deck plans, but would think that they are just as good as a round or rectangle deck plan. offers a wide variety of deck plans and gives you an estimate of how much it will cost to build the deck.

How many gallons of water to fill 24X54 pool?

formula for determining how many gallons in a pool is, length times width times average depth times 7.5 = gallons of water in pool if it round or oval its times 5.9

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How many gallons are in a pool 15x30x3 oval pool?

A 15-foot x 30-foot oval pool filled with 3 feet of water contains 7,965 gallons of water.

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NO!!!!!!!!!!!! The Colosseum is defently NOT round, it is an oval shape.

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How many gallons of water in a pool 31x12x4?

31 x 12 x 4 x 5.9 (for round or oval pool) = 8,779.2 gals. 31 x 12 x 4 x 7.5 (for rectangular or square pool) = 11,160 gals.

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No. Something could be round and be an oval and not a circle.

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yes yes

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