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Yes, they are.

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Q: Is a set of whole numbers equal to a set of integers or equivalent?
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What is the set of whole numbers?

Whole numbers are integers greater than or equal to zero.

Is some whole numbers are not integers?

No. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

Are whole numbers integers?

Yes integers are whole numbers

How often are whole numbers integers?

Always. By definition the Integers are the whole numbers; and the whole numbers are the integers.

Can you said that naturl numbers is equivalent to integer?

No, because there are no naturl numbers.But natural numbers (even), are not equivalent to integers: they are a subset of integers. Negative whole numbers are integers but they are not natural numbers. Mathematicians are undecided about whether or not zero is a natural number.

How are whole numbers integers and rational numbers related?

The set of integers includes the set of whole numbers. The set of rational numbers includes the sets of whole numbers and integers.

Is 225 an integer?

No. Integers are whole numbers

Is it true that there are no integers that are whole numbers?

No, integers are positive and negative whole numbers

How are whole numbers rational numbers and integers related?

Whole numbers are the same as integers. Whole numbers are a proper subset of rational numbers.

Is integers whole numbers and their opposites?

Integers are whole numbers without decimals or fractions.

What is an integer whole number?

It is a tautology. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

What numbers sre members of both whole numbers and the set of integers?

All whole numbers are integers.