Is a sqare a rectangle

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yes- a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square.

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Q: Is a sqare a rectangle
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Related questions

What are the 4 types of basic shapes in drawing?

sqare, circle oval, and rectangle!

What are 4 shape names that are symmetrical and that have 2 pairs of parallel sides?

rectangle,kite,trapizium and a sqare

What is a parallelogram shape?

it has two sets of parallel sides that are opposite from each other. ie. a sqare, rectangle, rhombus.

Is a parallelogram a shape?

yes, it has two sets of parallel sides that are opposite from each other. ie. a sqare, rectangle, rhombus...

How do you draw a robot?

for the head draw a square then the neck draw a ting rectangle ,for the body draw a sqare or a rectangle it depends what robot you want to draw,for the legs draw a small skinney rectangle and ll the rectangles i said be for are going up and down so last the feet are laying on the ground and are a rectangle

Is a sqare always a rectangle?

no, but a square is always a rectangle. You see, squares have 4 equal sides. Rectangles don't HAVE to have 4 equal sides, but one side is equal to the opposite. So, all squares are rectangles, but not are rectangles are squares.

What is the area of a figure if the perimeter is 35 units?

This question does not contain enough information. Is it a sqare? a rectangle? a triangle? a polyhedron? if it was a square it would be 1225/16 units squared.

Is the perimiter of 11 by 12 rectangle smaller or larger than the perimiter of a sqare with the same area?

11 x 12 rectangle has a larger perimeter = 46 units The 132 square unit area will give a square a perimeter of 45.9565 units

What is the permiter of a sqare of 49 sqare units?


Are the diagonals of rectangles perpendicular?

In general they are not; they are perpendicular only if the rectangle is also a sqare. However, the diagonals of a retangle have another attribute: They are of equal length and bisect each other.

How many sqare inches are in one sqare foot?


Jerry said since a sqere is a rectangele then a rectangele must be a sqare?

This is false as to be a rectangle a shape must have four side with the opposites sides equal to each other, the square fits into this. However to be a square a shape must have 4 sides all equal to each other, the rectangle does not fit within this.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle and a sqare?

For a rectangle:Perimeter = 2 times (length plus width).This works for a square too.For a square:Perimeter = 4 times (length of any side).

What quadrilateral has 4 right angles 2 pairs of equal sides and 2 pairs opposite sides that are parallel?

A square or a rectangle would both fit the given description.

What is the sqare footage of a 14 foot by 70 foot?

980 sqare feet

What is the sqare root of 26?

The square roots (not sqare rout) of 26 are -5.0990 and 5.0990, approx.

How many sqare feet equal to 1 feet?

0.25 sqare feet= 1 feet.

What is the perimeter of the sqare?

perimeter sqare= L+L+L+L = 4L == == == == == == L=lentgh

1475 sq mtrs to sq ft?

1475 sqare metres = 15,876.8 sqare feet

How big is Vietnam in sqare kilometers?

The total area of Vietnam is 331,210 square (not sqare) km.

How many sqare feet in 4 marla?

4 marla = 1089 square (not sqare) feet.

What is the sqare root of 530451891?

The square (not sqare) root is approx 23031.054

How many sqare feet is Alaska?

Alaska has an area of approx 18.5 trillion square (not sqare) feet.

How big is Africa by sqare feet?

Africa has an area of approx 325 trillion square (not sqare) feet.

What is the peak voltage of a 220 vac sine wave?

Vpeak=Vrms*sqare of 2=220*sqare of 2=311.12