Is a square a symmetrical

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because it has equal sides and you can fold it anyway and it will still have equal sides

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Q: Is a square a symmetrical
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Is a square symmetrical?

Yes, in some respects.

Why does a square look the same when you flip it?

Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.Because it is symmetrical.

Is chi-square distribution symmetrical about mean value?


How many lines of symmetrical does a square have?

It has 4 lines of symmetry

Which shape are symmetrical and have 2 pairs of parallel lines?

Square, Rectangle.

What are the 4 symmetrical quadrilaterals?

square, rectangle, kite and an isosceles trapezoid

When is a molecular shape symmetrical or unsymmetrical?

Linear Trigonal Planar Tetrahydral Trigonal Bipyramid Octahedral Square Planar These are the symmetrical molecular shapes.

How do you use the word symmetrical in a sentence?

A heart is a symmetrical figure because it can be split and have two of the same halves. we were asked to do an assignment in which we were to find if a shaPE is symmetrical. you spell symmetrical like this: S-Y-M-M-E-T-R-I-C-A-L a square has four symmetrical lines. a moon is symmetric

Is an irregular pentagon symmetrical?

It can be. For example a square with an isosceles triangle of top has a bilateral symmetry.

Is a square a symmetrical shape?

YES!!!!!!!! it can be divided by each side if it goes to the exact oppostie point.

How many ways is a square symmetrical?

3..for a 3 dimensional square like a cube ... length, width and height and 2 for a 2 dimensional square ...length and width

Why is a square always symmeric?

To be a square all 4 sides and all 4 angles must always be the same. This makes the figure symmetrical.

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