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yes, a square can only exist on a plane in euclidean geometry.

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Q: Is a square an example of a plane figure?
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Does a square have a plane of symmetry?

No. A square is a plane figure and conventionally for plane figures symmetry is considered in terms of rotation about a point or an axis (in the plane of the figure) but not a plane outside the plane of the square.

What is a similar plane figure?

It is a figure that is the same as another figure in the plane. A square is the same plane figure as another square, but a cube is same the same plane figure even tho it is made up of 6 squares.

A square is always an example of what?

A quadrilateral, a parallelogram, a rhombus, a rectangle, a regular polygon.

What is the area of 15 3 over 5?

In order to have an area, you must have a plane (or a.k.a. a figure). For example: A square or circle.

What is a plane figure formed by coplanar segments?

It is a plane figure, for example, a semicircle, a triangle, a kite.

Plane figure with four sides and four angles?

A plane figure with four sides and four angles is called a Quadrilateral. Quad means four. An Example for a Quadrilateral are: rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid, parallelogram, dimond.

What is the difference between a circle and a square?

the differrence with circlce and square is that square has a 6faces if in space figure but in plane figure it only has 1 faces and a circle has a two kinds the first is cylinder and the second sphere this is a example of a geometry

What is the plane figure that serves as one side of a solid figure The faces of a cube are square?

It is a regular quadrilateral which is a square

Is a square a polyhedral shape?

No- A square is a plane figure- it is a type of polygon not a polyhedron.

What are the 7 names for a square?

parallelogram square rectangle quadrilateral polygon plane figure

Example of a flat figure?

a 2d figure a square

How much water fills in a square of side 10 meter?

A square is a plane figure with no volume.