Is a star concave polygon

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Yes it is.

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Q: Is a star concave polygon
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Why is a star polygon concave?

because the point of origin would be on an outer point and around it the walls seem to cave in making it seem concave, in comparison to a regular polygon. When checking for concave polygons always compare what you are looking at to a regular polygon

What does a concave polygon look like?

Easy answer: a star icon or the apple logo are examples of what a concave polygon looks like.A concave polygon has 1 interior angle greater than 180 can see an example on:

What is a concave polygon with at least 3 lines of symmetry?

A regular six pointed star.

What is a nonconvex polygon?

A nonconvex polygon is a concave polygon. All polygons with 4 or more sides can be concave. An arrowhead is an example of a concave quadrilateral. The back of an envelop (where the sides are folded and glued together) is a concave pentagon.

What is a complex polygon?

A polygon can be convex, which means Convex Polygon: A polygon that has all interior angles less than 180° Concave Polygon A polygon that has one or more interior angles greater than 180° A Complex polygon is neither convex or concave. A star polygon is an example of a complex polygon. If you look in google images, there are tons of pics of them.

A pool is in the shape of a polygon. The segments and vertices of the polygon are shown. Is this polygon convex or concave?


What is a polygon that bends in?

It is a concave polygon. There are polygons of 4 or more sides that are concave.

Is a star shape an irregular polygon?

Not all are. Not only is it a concave shape, but the interior angles can vary. For a polygon to be regular, it must be equilateral and equiangular.

A polygon that is not convex?

Is a concave polygon.

Is a concave polygon a regular polygon?

No, a concave polygon cannot be a regular polygon.

A square is an example of a quadrilateral that is both a regular concave polygon and a regular convex polygon?

No. There can be no regular concave polygon.

What is the difference between a concave polygon and a convex polygon?

Any polygon that has an angle that is > 180º is a concave polygon. A convex polygon does not. e.g. All regular polygons are convex.