Is a swim lap one way?

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Yep! It's one way across the pool, but depending on the kind of pool your in it can still be a 50 or a 25

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Q: Is a swim lap one way?
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Is One lap swim is round trip?

For whatever reason in swimming one lap is considered one length, when in reality one lap should be returning to where you started.

What is the difference between a length and a lap in a pool?

Nothing really, to swim the length of the pool is to do one lap. To swim 2 lengths is to swim two laps, so on and so forth.

How many miles is one lap in a pool?

An olympic pool is 50 meters. A lap is 100 meters. That is about 0.062 miles. To swim one mile you have to swim about 16 laps.

How many lanes do I have to swim to swim a lap?

it depends on how long it is....but if its 8ft or more that's a lap

How much is 600 meter to swim?

every 100m is 4 laps 600m=24 laps if your counting one way a lap

What is lap swim?

lap swim is swimming from the starting place of the pool up to the other end of the pool. . .

How many pool laps to swim 437 yards?

This can be determined by dividing the total distance to be swum by the distance of one lap. For example: For a short course pool of 25 yards, one lap is the distance from one end of the pool to the other and back. One lap in this pool is 50 yards. Therefore, dividing the total distance to be swum by the length of one lap, we get, 437/50=8.74 laps so it takes 8.74 laps to swim 437 yards in this pool.

Is a lap in swimming down and back?

No, only one way.

Can a Bichon Poo swim?

Yes a Bichon poo can swim but normally they prefer to just sit on your lap and chill out rather than swim!

Why are swimmers tall?

One reason is that tall swimmers swim a shorte distane on eah lap in a pool. A six inch difference in totalbreah with arms extended means a two foot advantage in a four lap race. Tall swimmers swim a shorter distance!

How many laps do you have to swim in a 500 yard race?

You have to swim 20 laps of the pool in a 500 yard race. One lap is considered one length of the pool, or 25 yards. In the 500, you are allowed a counter. The counter sits at the far end of the pool and shows you how many laps you have swum. The counter will show up to the number 17, then on the 19th lap, he or she will show a red sign.

How long does it take the worlds fastest swimmer to swim one lap?

According to my calculations it takes around 10-12 seconds

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