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Indeterminate. How? a4b5 is the expression instead of equality. Since we are not given the equality of two variables, there is no way to determine whether it's invertible or not.

Otherwise, if you are referring "a" and "b" as invertible matrices, then yes it's invertible.

This all depends on the details.

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Q: Is a to power of 4 multiplied by b to power of 5 invertible?
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What is y to the power of 4 multiplied by y to the power of 5?


What is the simplified expression for 4 power 4 multiplied by 4 power 3 over 4 power 5?


How do you simplify 4 to the third power multiplied by 5 to the third power?

= 20^3

What is 5 to the power of 4 multiplied by 5 squared and expressed as to the power of 5?

5^6 or can be written as 5 to the Sixth power To check, just type in on your calculator :)

What is 80 as a product of prime factorization?

Two to the fourth power multiplied by five.

What is negative 2 to the second power minus 5 to?

-1 -2 multiplied by another -2 equals 4 .4-5=-1

What is 4 to the 3rd multiplied by 4 to the fifth power?

4 to the third power multiplied by 4 to the 5th power can be written as (4^3)x(4^5) When a number is raised to a power, it means that that number is multiplied by itself as many times as the power denotes. For example, 2 cubed, or 2^3, is two multiplied by itself three times. 2^3=2x2x2=8 In this case, (4^3)x(4^5)=(4x4x4)x(4x4x4x4x4) As you can see, this is the same as multiplying 4 by itself 8 times, or 4^8. At this point, the only way to know the answer is to multiply 4 by itself 8 times. 4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4=65,536 65,536 is your answer.

What is 2 to the 2nd power multiplied by 3 and 5?

22 is 4. 4x3 is 12. 12x5 is 60

What does power math mean?

It is another name for index. A positive integer power of a number represents the number of occurrences of a number which are multiplied together. For example, 5^3 = 5*5*5.This definition gives rise to the power laws and these can be used to extend the definition of power to fractional and negative powers.It is often wrongly described as the number of time a number is multiplied by itself but this count does not work. But the 5^3 should be 5 multiplied by 5 three times = 5*(5*5*5) which actually is 5^4.

25 multiplied by 5 34?

25 multiplied by 5 3/4 is 143 3/4

What is 4 multiplied by one fifth?

4 multiplied by one fifth is four fifths.

What is four multiplied by five?

4 multiplied by 5 is 20.