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A trapezoid is convex.

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Q: Is a trapezoid concave or convex?
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Is a jeweller's mirror concave or convex?


What is the opposite of Convex?

The opposite of convex is concave. Concave shapes have an inward curve, while convex shapes have an outward curve.

Is a hen decagon concave or convex?

It can be convex or concave.

What are two type of lenses?

convex and concave

Is a mold convex or concave?

A mold is typically concave, as it forms the negative space of the object being molded. This allows the object to be shaped and formed according to the contours of the mold when the material is poured or pressed into it.

How you polish concave and convex mirror?

To polish a concave or convex mirror, you would use a series of finer and finer abrasives to remove imperfections and achieve a smooth surface. This process can be done by hand or with a machine specifically designed for polishing optics. It is important to be patient and careful to avoid introducing new defects during the polishing process.

Is concave curved in or out?

concave=in convex=out

Is a cross concave or convex?


Are eyes concave or convex?


Is a microscope convex or a concave?

A microscope typically uses a convex lens to focus light and magnify an image. The convex lens converges light rays to produce a magnified image, whereas a concave lens would diverge light rays and not be suitable for magnification in a microscope.

Is a trapezoid concave?

No. A trapezoid has two parallel sides. This is not possible in a concave quadrilateral.

Is a rhombus concave or convex?

A rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram. As such, it is neither concave nor convex.