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It can be either.

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Q: Is algebra multiplication or addition
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What does it mean with the signs in algebra?

well the . is multiplication. a number and another number separated with a _ is multiplication. a + is addition, and a - is subtraction. got it? teehee!

What are the orders of operation in algebra?

PEMDAS or: Parenthesis Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction Both multiplication/division and addition/subtraction go from left to right, regardless of operation

What math do you need for carpenters?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, basic algebra, geometry, trigonometry.

What are the multiplication strategies?

A couple of multiplication strategies are using models, repeated addition, and Arrays (Models).

What is Abelian algebra?

Abelian algebra is a form of algebra in which the multiplication within an expression is commutative.

What is tropical math?

Tropical math is a kind of arithmetic and algebra in which addition of two number is their minimum and multiplication is their sum. This has some properties similar to ordinary arithmetic and algebra but other properties are different.

What is the use of pascal's triangle?

we can use it in many ways, we can use it in algebra, even in our real life. you can learn the multiplication, addition, and in many triks.

In what ways are addition and multiplication alike?

Multiplication by an integer is the same as repeated addition.

Is total addition or multiplication?

Addition, sum would be multiplication.

What is applied math?

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division are probably the main things. Many other stuff like : algebra, pre - algebra, geometry, coordinates, rules, surface area, area, perimeter..... etc.

Symbol that specify addition substraction multiplication?

+ addition - subtraction* multiplication

Why should you learn algebraic expressions?

Learning the expressions is the same thing as learning your multiplication tables - it helps you to understand algebra. And algebra allows you to understand things like logic, statistics, and all sorts of calculations where you don't know enough numbers to do a straight addition or multiplication or subtraction or division.