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The odds are that any Confederate half dollar you run across will be a fake or reproduction. An experienced coin dealer may be able to tell you that it is definitely a fake, but I would not take his word that it is definitely genuine. If a dealer thinks it is an original, you should submit it to one of the third-party grading and authentication services.

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Q: Is an 1861 Confederate half dollar with a tiny R stamped on the reverse side a fake?
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1861 confederate half dollar?

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How can you tell if an 1861 Confederate half dollar coin is a fake or not?

An original Confederate coin would be quite valuable and there are recognized "restrikes" that were made from the original dies at a later date which will also bring a fairly large sum (hundreds, not thousands) and a lot of counterfiets. I believe the Guide Book of United States Coins has some information. It may be enough to determine that it is a fake. If you believe it may be an original or restrike after comparing it to the descriptions in the book, take it to a dealer and have it certified by PCGS or ANACS. spiropoulos half dollar 1861 CONFEDERATE r. lovett's coin off to the left of the liberty side along the shoe, is an engraved l, not punched. 4. Mine has 17 buds on the left corn stalk, not 19 as others. ALL OTHERS HAVE 19,INCLUDING RESTRIKES. and ANS COIN*** 5. When flipped over top to bottom, most coins remain in upright positions not so with mine, They reverse themselves, size is 28mm, the normal half dollar is 30, The restrikes, and so called originals are 30 mm, mine 28 mm This accounts why a hand press had to be used, To small for the coining press. This was done to prove a new obverse, since it was so similar to the federal obverse. 6. The T, I believe represents Taylor, The M,represents Memmenger. Two coins with the T this is the one with M also, Memmenger's coin, that went to Memmenger, it has a crack through date, and nose to rim. mine has a fine crack from nose to rim, AND ALSO CRACK THROUGH DATE AND HALF DOL. CRACK FROM NOSE TO RIM and from between liberty leg and first star, seen under high resolution, on obverse the top of shield, blank in the ans coin, mine has a forceps type of tool, IN TOP OF SHIELD ON CONFEDERATE SIDE IS A HEMOSTAT A DOCTORS TOOL, TAYLOR WAS A DOCTOR Perhaps with the T, wanted to show his trademark, he was a doctor, It has a T, stamped is to the right of the date. An medical inst. in shield.A capital M, as part of the coin, not stamped as T is. Original, or copies that he said he made, as stated in the Taylor to Wright letters the letters that cannot be found and verified. The original letters cannot be found from Taylor to Wright, see below from Wash.D.C. and Phil. The ones accepted but not found, many have been stolen, lost, or misfiled. stating many were submitted, and only one chosen. The description does not go into fine details. What was chosen, mine fits that description given As stated in letters not located but accepted, as the base foundation for the very existence of 1861 conf. half dollar.

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Were any 1861 confederate half dollar coins stamped with both sides having the seal?

No authentic CSA half dollars (only 4 exist) bear the shield on the reverse and obverse of the coin.

Is there a 1862confederate half dollar?

No, only 4 Liberty Seated half dollars have the Confederate reverse and are dated 1861.

What does olwbristol mean on a 1861 seated liberty confederate half dollar?

The L.W.Bristol Classics is a known maker of Confederate coin reproductions. There are only 4 authentic 1861 Liberty Seated half dollars with the Confederate reverse. This piece has no numismatic collectible value.

1861 confederate half dollar?

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How do you know if an 1861 Liberty 5 gold coin is the old or new reverse?

The old reverse has large letters, the new reverse has small letters. But this is only for 1861 Quarter Eagle $2.5 dollar coins NOT 1861 Half Eagle $5 dollar coins.

What is the value of an 1861 confederate states of America 5 dollar coin?

About $33,000

How do you find if a 1862 confederate half dollar is valuable?

No Confederate coins exist dated 1862. All are dated 1861.

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