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No a ml is close to cc in general medical use

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Q: Is an International unit the same as a cc?
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Are mm the same as cc?

No. A mm is a unit of length and cc is a unit of volume. A ml is the same as a cc. A thousand cc is a liter and a thousand milliliters is a liter thus a ml = a cc.

How many ml equal 950 cc?

A cc is a unit of measure that is the same an a milliliter, or ml. 950cc is the same as 950ml.

How many milliliter are there in 1.35 cc?

A cc is the same thing as a milliliter(ml). It is just a different unit of measure, but the same thing, so 1.35 cc is = 1.35ml.

How many cc are in one horse power?

A cc is a cubic centimeter. It is a unit of Volume. A horsepower is a unit of Power. They are not the same thing. There is no fixed relation.

Which is bigger - 1ml or 1 cc?

ml (milliliter) and cc (cubic centimeter) are exactly the same unit.

Are cc and mg the same?

No. A "cc" (cubic centimeter) is an old term for a milliliter (ml) which is a unit of volume. A milligram (mg) is a unit of mass.

150cc is how many milliliter?

A "cc" is an "ml". They are the same unit of measurement.

How many cc in 125 IUs?

An international unit (IU) depends on the the substance and there is no general formula for conversion.

How many units are in a cc?

A "cc" is an abbreviation for cubic centimeter and is a unit of volume; one "cc" is equivalent to one milliliter (mL). I assume by "units" you mean International Units (IU). The number of IUs in a cc depends on the substance you are investigating.

What unit of volumeis the same as 1 mL?

1 ml = 1 cc

What unit of volume is the same as1 mL?

That would be a cubic centimeter (cc).

What the unit of volume is the same as 1 ml?

The cubic centimeter (cc) has the same volume as the milliliter (ml).

Is a milligram and cc the same?

Nothing weighs 1 cc." It doesn't make any sense. A milligram is a metric unit of weight, a cc is a metric unit of volume (1 cc = 1 milliliter). You would need to know the density of material to determine the weight of a 1 cc volume.

Are milliliters and cc's the same unit of measurement?

yes, but on A different scale, like feet and inches. in other words you can have A measurement of the same thing in milliliters and cc's the number will be WAY different but the result will be the same.

Are one fluid ounce and one cc the same?

No, they are unit from different systems. 1 fluid ounce = 29.57 cc

Is international unit same as milligrams?

The SI (Systeme Internationale) unit for mass is kilogram.

How many iu in a unit?

An "iu" is an international unit. This means that one iu is a the same as a "unit". But this is not the same as how many "miligrams" of active ingredient there are in a drug.

150 cc water equal to how many ml water?

The unit cc, which is short for cubic centimeter, represents the same volume as the unit ml, which is short for milliliter. So, 150 cc water is equal to 150 ml water.

How may unit are in a cc?

"cc" is cubic centimeter, or cm3 It is a unit of volume.

How many cc's are in a pound?

CC is unit of volume and lb is unit of weight. These two cannot be compared.

How do you convert cc into cm?

impossible. cc (cubic centimeter, or cm3) is volume unit and cm is length unit.

How do you convert 400 cc to ml?

they are the same unit with different names 400cc = 400ml

Are cc and milliliter the same?

Yes, cc and mL are the same. 30 cc and 30 mL are the same amount.

Is Cc the same as cc?


What does the unit of measure cc mean?

The unit of measurement "cc" stands for cubic centimeter. It is used to measure volume or area.

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