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An obtuse angle is larger than an acute angle.

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Q: Is an acute angle or an obtuse angle bigger?
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Related questions

What is an obtuse angle bigger then?

an acute and right angle

Which angle is smaller abutse or acute?

obtuse is bigger than acute

Is 95 a acute obtuse or right angle?

Obtuse (it is bigger than 90 degrees).

Which angle is larger an obtuse angle or acute angle?

An obtuse angle is larger than a acute angle

Does an acute triangle have obtuse angles?

No, an obtuse triangles has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. If a triangle has an obtuse angle, it is considered obtuse and cannot be acute.

How do the acute and obtuse angles compare to the right angle?

I think obtus is smaller than right angle (90°) and acute is bigger.

The measure of an acute angle is half the measure of an obtuse angle.What is the measure of an obtuse angle?

The measure of the obtuse angle would then be double that of the acute angle.

What is the acute and obtuse?

Acute is an angle under 90o and obtuse is an angle over 90o

What angle is 55 degrees?


Why obtuse angle and acute angle can not be complementary?

An obtuse angle has no complementary angle.

Is it true that every angle of an acute angle is acute?

yes. to be and acute angle, all angles must be acute. Obtuse angles only one angle has to be obtuse. Right angles only need one too. Acute has to have every angle to be acute, if one angle is obtuse or right, it's automatically no an acute Angle anymore.

How can you tell from a obtuse to acute?

an obtuse angle is wider than an acute angle...(:

How do you know if an angle is acute or obtuse?

An acute angle is under 90 degrees, an obtuse angle is over 90 degrees.

Does a triangle have a right acute and obtuse angle?

Yes . Triangle have right acute and obtuse angle except compelete angle.

Is 115 an acute angle or an obtuse angle?

115 degrees is an obtuse angle

Sentence with acute?

That is an acute angle. An obtuse angle is not acute.

Is the top of Pizza Hut a acute or obtuse angle?

is the top if pizza hut in acute or obtuse angle

What is an obtuse angle and acute angle?

An obtuse angle is an angle more than 90 degrees but an acute angle is an angle less than 90 degrees.

Which triangle has 1 acute angle and 1 obtuse angle?

It is an obtuse triangle having 1 obtuse angle and 2 different acute angles Or it is an isosceles triangle having 1 obtuse angle and 2 equal acute angles

Is a 165 degree angle an acute an obtuse or a right angle?


Is the top of Pizza Hut an obtuse angle or an acute angle?


How many obtuse angle does an acute have?

None. An acute angle is smaller than an obtuse angle. *does, not dose, btw. =)

Which is larger an acute acute or an obtuse angle?

Acute angle = <90 degrees Right angle = 90 degrees Obtuse angle = >90 degrees To answer your question, obtuse angle is larger.

What do a obtuse angle and a acute angle make?

They can make an obtuse angle, a straight angle or a reflex angle.

Is a right angle cosidered obtuse or acute?

A right angle is considered neither an acute nor an obtuse angle. It's just a right angle.

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