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Only when it has 3 unequal acute angles and 3 unequal sides that it is then a scalene triangle.

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Q: Is an acute triangle always a scalane traingle?
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Can you have scalene traingle also as an acute?

Yes, but it would have to be a triangle, not traingle!

What is a acute traingle?

A acute triangle is a triangle with only acute angles (angles less than 90 degrees). No obtuse or right angle.

What is the least number of acute angles that a traingle can have?

Every triangle must have either 2 or 3 acute angles.

What does a acute traingle look like?

An acute triangle has 3 sides of different lengths and 3 interior acute angles of different sizes

Right triangle and acute triangle are the same?

No. All three angles of an acute traingle are less than 90 degrees, so it cannot be a right triangle. The only similarity between them is that right angle triangle has 2 acute angles while acute triangles has 3 acute angles

How is it possible for Acute Equilateral and Isosceles classifications be in the same triangle?

An isoceles triangle has at least two sides equal; an equilateral has three sides equal so it is also isoceles; and since all angles are acute it is also an acute traingle

Is an isosceles triangle always an acute triangle?


Is an exterior angle of a triangle always acute?

No :) Because one angle of the triangle is always acute and so the exterior has to be obtuse.

Is it possible to draw an equilateral acute triangle?

Yes, because an equilateral triangle is always acute.

A triangle that has one angle greater than 90 degrees?

this is called an obtuse triangle the triangle that has one angle 90 degrees is called a right traingle a triangle that has 3 angles less than 90 degrees is called an acute triangle

Is a scalene triangle always acute?


Does a scalene triangle always has three acute angles?

No, not always