Is an arch a triangle

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A triangle must have straight lines.

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Q: Is an arch a triangle
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What shape is predominant in bridge building?

triangle for small parts and an arch for a large part.

What do you need to consider when designing a structure?

I think that you have use strong shapes. example: Triangle, Arch, Rectangle.

What about different kinds of arches used in architecture?

There are three different configurations of arches including the fixed arch, the two-hinged arch, and the three-hinged arch. These configurations determine how stable the arch will be. Types of arches include the triangular arch, semi-circular arch, segmental arch, rampart round arch, lancet arch, equilateral pointed arch, and jack arch. Additional types of arches include the trefoil arch, horseshoe arch, three-centered arch, elliptical arch, inflexed arch, ogee arch, reverse ogee arch, Tudor arch, and parabolic arch.

What shape is stronger an arch or a triangle?

Well, after studying extensively on this subject for countless years at the University of Cambridge, my colleagues and I have determined that, in fact, an arch is BY FAR the stronger of the two shapes. It is a common misconception that a triangle is stronger, and it has been my life work to prove this fact wrong. That is all.-Yea, after reading this I have to agree 100%. I remember working on a science project in the fifth grade and this tool bag argued with me over this point by saying that triangles were stronger. We went with his idea, which led us to FAIL our PROJECT.-This sounds right and I would agree. However, I must add that, a GROUP of triangles together can be potentially stronger than an arch. A single triangle is far weaker than an arch.



What famous arch is in London?

Marble Arch and Admiralty Arch.

What does Arch. stand for?

its an arch

How do you put arch in a sentence?

Put the arch caca en a arch

What is a pointed arch called?

* The Drop arch - a blunt pointed arch drawn from two centers within the span* The Gothic arch - a pointed arch; usually has a joint (instead of a keystone) at the apex* The Keel arch, ogee arch - a pointed arch having an S-shape on both sides* The Trefoil arch - a pointed arch having cusps in the intrados on either side of the apex

What is the word origin for arch?


Where is the arch of the covenant?

Where is the arch of the covenant?

What nicknames did Arch Johnson go by?

Arch Johnson went by Arch Johnson.

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