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Yes, provided they are defined (ie excluding division by 0).

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Q: Is an arithmetic operation or combination of arithmetic operations that results to a number?
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What are registers that are designed to store the results of logic operations?

The register that stores the result of (an arithmetic) or logical result is the accumulator.

Is 17 - 23 a monomial?


What is the main function of the ALU?

The function of the Arithmetic Logic Unit is to perform the arithmetic operations and boolean logic operations needed during instruction execution.Some Arithmetic Logic Units also provide temporary storage for operands and/or results of these operations in registers or accumulators, others do not provide any temporary storage (depending on the computer's architecture and/or implementation).

What are the founction of the registers found in the CPU?

to store the data on which operations are to be performed and to store the results after the operation is performed

What is the function of Arithmetic Logic unit?

The arithmetic-logic unit (ALU) performs allarithmetic operations (addition, subtraction,multiplication, and division) and logic operations.Logic operations test various conditions encounteredduring processing and allow for different actions to betaken based on the results. The data required to performthe arithmetic and logical functions are inputs from thedesignated CPU registers and operands

Show the bit positions of various flags in 8085 flag register?

The 8085 microprocessor has 5 flags: 1. Zero flag: The zero flag is set, when the ALU operation results a zero . 2. Carry flag: If an arithmetic operations results in a carry, this flag is set. 3. Parity flag: This flag is set, when an arithmetic or logical operation results in a data, which has even number of 1s. If otherwise, it is reset. 4. Sign flag: After the execution of an arithmetic or logic operations, if D7 bit of the accumulator is 1, it indicates a negative number and this flag is set. If otherwise, it is reset. 5. Auxiliary Carry flag: used for BCD Operations, During the BCD operations, if D3 bit producing the carry then the AC bit set as1, otherwise the bit is 0. 6. Carry Flag: when a carry is generated by digit D7, then the carry flag set as 1, otherwise the bit will be 0.

What statement summarizes the results of the company's operations?

The income statement summarizes the results of the company's operations.

What is made up of quantities and the operations performed on them?

It is simply a set of values with the operations defined on the set. If the results of the operation satisfy certain requirements, then the set may be a Group, a Ring or a Field (or other algebraic structure).

What operations results in the most off duty fatalities?

Motorcycle operations

What about 2-1 results?


What is the difference between pipe-lining and materialization?

in adbms,,these are the two approaches to query processing.. in materialization approach,we start from the lowest level operations in the expressions.the inputs to the lowest level operations are the relations in the database.we execute the lowest level operations on the input relations and store the result in temporary relations. in pipelining approach,several relational operations are combined into a pipeline of operations,in which the results of one operation are passed along to the next operation in the pipeline. pipelining is advantageous since it eliminates the cost of reading and writing temporary relations

Can a modern PC carry out thousands of millions of calculations per second?

I would have to say yes, since many PCs on the market are rated at more than 1 gigahertz (giga is 10^9 which is a thousand million).However, assuming "calculations" refers to arithmetic operations, it must be noted that many of these operations take many more than one machine cycle to complete. On the basis presented in the first part of the answer, the correct answer to the question is that a modern PC might be able to carry out thousands of millions of calculations per second, particularly if these operations are of a primitive nature (add, subtract, etc).In real terms, the answer is probably No, because most calculations require a mix of operations, including more complex operations than addition or subtraction. In addition to the pure arithmetic operation, operands also need to be obtained (from memory) and results may need to be stored, etc.In conclusion, most average PCs today will struggle to reach one thousand million useful arithmetic calculations per second, but will generally reach one thousand million operation per second.

What operations results in the most off-duty fatalities?

Motorcycle operations are responsible for the most off duty fatalities.

The results of division is?

One possible answer: In arithmetic, the result of dividing two numbers is called the quotient.

How does order of operation in Excel impact the results of a formula?

If the person writing the formula doesn't know or understand the order of operations, then their formulas will give the wrong results. They may not even realise this. Computers follow the laws of mathematics, so it is important to understand them. See the related question below.

What is the function of the multiplier quotient register in the computer?

The accumulator and Multiplier quotient are employed to hold temporary operands and results of Arithmetic and Logic Unit operations. For example, the results of multiplying two 40 bit numbers is an 80 bit number; The most significant 40 bits are stored in the AC and the least significant 40 bits in the MC.

What operation results in the most off duty accidents?


Propertes of matrices?

Algebraic Properties of Matrix Operations. In this page, we give some general results about the three operations: addition, multiplication.

What operations results in the most off-duty accidents?

Si that Krannnic!

What is the resultant matrix?

It is the matrix that results from carrying out whatever operations are to be carried out.

What is an accumulator in microprocessor?

In a computer's central processing unit an accumulator is a register in which intermediate arithmetic and logic results are stored

What is the sum of all the results included in the sample divided by the number of observation?

Mean or more precisely Arithmetic Mean

What are the Differences between CPU and ALU?

The ALU (Arithmetic-Logic Unit) is generally a subsection of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). While the CPU is the master driver of a computer, the ALU is a processing area optimized to handle mathematical computations and logic comparisons. The processor controller passes operation codes and operands to the ALU, which performs the requested operation on the supplied data and passes back the results.

Which operation when perpormed on any nonzero number results in zero?


How do you control a company?

by auditing of procedures , operation and results we can control a company