Is an egg a sphere

Updated: 9/17/2023
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No an egg is not a sphere. It is an ovoid.

This shape is named after the shape of an egg.

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Q: Is an egg a sphere
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What two solid figures have curves?

A sphere (ball) and an ovoid (egg).A sphere (ball) and an ovoid (egg).A sphere (ball) and an ovoid (egg).A sphere (ball) and an ovoid (egg).

Is it possible to hatch a Riolu with Aura Sphere?

question is, is aura sphere an egg move? I don't think so. >It is an egg move

What do you call half a egg shape?


What shape is a baseball facemask?

an egg shape

Which of the galaxies is shaped like a sphere or an egg?

you would of thought

What is the three dimensional figure shaped like a egg?

probably a sphere

Is the earth egg or circle shaped?

the earth is a sphere but if you look at it as a 2d shape it is a circle

Is there a term for a one sided 3D figure ie something that describes both a sphere and an egg?

The term is ellipsoid (the special case, equal coordinate ellipsoid, is the sphere).

What is the list of colors that end with sphere?

The list of colours that end with sphere (the same with geometric shapes, animal shapes, plant shapes, balloons, etc.) are: Red sphere Black sphere Blue sphere Yellow sphere Pink sphere Silver sphere Green sphere Purple sphere Orange sphere Crimson sphere Navy sphere White sphere Gold sphere Teal sphere Brown sphere Indigo sphere Saffron sphere Amethyst sphere Vermilion sphere Chartreuse sphere Magenta sphere Viridian sphere Burgundy sphere Powder blue sphere Scarlet sphere Cyan sphere Azure sphere Lavender sphere Gray sphere Beige sphere Cerulean sphere Slate sphere Cobalt sphere Gunmetal sphere Copper sphere Bronze sphere Khaki sphere Citrine sphere Maroon sphere Olive sphere Peach sphere Cream sphere Sangria sphere Plum sphere Emerald sphere Cerise sphere Mauve sphere Moccasin sphere Aquamarine sphere Pearl sphere Turquoise sphere Platinum sphere Tan sphere Bittersweet sphere Periwinkle sphere Sapphire sphere Fuchsia sphere Dark green sphere Mahogany sphere Sea green sphere Claret sphere Lime sphere Amber sphere Ecru sphere Taupe sphere Tawny sphere Lilac sphere Ochre sphere Sepia sphere Celadon sphere Rust sphere Orchid sphere Ash gray sphere Steel blue sphere Sky blue sphere Burnt orange sphere Brick red sphere Caramel sphere Marigold sphere Burnt sienna sphere Verdigris sphere Indochine sphere Carmine sphere Linen sphere Goldenrod sphere Butterscotch sphere Dark gray sphere Harlequin green sphere Amaranth sphere Ultramarine sphere Royal blue sphere Garnet sphere Ebony sphere Ivory sphere Thistle sphere Jade green sphere Auburn sphere Sienna sphere Umber sphere Cadet blue sphere Dark brown sphere Orange peel sphere Salmon sphere Wisteria sphere Persimmon sphere Apricot sphere Brass sphere Ruby sphere Mint sphere Forest green sphere Aubergine sphere Hazel sphere Topaz sphere Bisque sphere Spring green sphere Rainbow sphere

Can you transfer Pokemon from shadows of almia to Pokemon diamond?

yes, but only once you can trade darkrai, the manaphy egg and a special riolu that knows aura sphere. when you get the manaphy egg to hatch put a ditto and the manaphy into the day care center and you get a phione egg that's the only legendary that can produce an egg

Where do you get aura sphere in Pokemon Black 2?

In Pokémon Black 2, Aura Sphere can only be found as a level-up move and as an Egg Move even though there are currently no Pokémon in existence that can learn Aura Sphere as an Egg Move. The Pokémon that are capable of learning it via level-up are Mewtwo, Mew, Togekiss, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Lucario, Mienfoo and Mienfoo's evolution of Mienshao.

What is the stronger shape egg sphere pyramid square?

The egg shape would be stronger because it doesn't have points of weakness, whereas the square-based pyramid does. These points of weakness are the apexes (also referred to as the corners.)