Is an ellipse a 3-D shape?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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No. It is a 2-dimensional object; basically a stretched circle or oval.

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Q: Is an ellipse a 3-D shape?
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What shape has no sides?

A Circle if you mean 2d circle, 3d sphere =P Any continuously curves shape has no sides; ellipse (ellipsoid), cone, hyperbolic paraboloid...

What is mathematical name for 3D egg shape?

I would call it an elliptical spheroid, I think. An ellipse would be the closest 2D term though.

What shape has two foci's?

An ellipse, a hyperbola.

How does ellipse differ from a circle?

ellipse is the shape of an egg

What shape is it 0-veritces 0-edges 1-face?

Wrong Answer: A shape with no vertices, no edges, and 1 face must be a circle or an ellipse, because if it was three dimensional, then it would have to have at least 4 faces.An ellipse has one edge. And, a circle is an ellipse, so same thing there. A triangle can exist in 3d, and it has only one face. So no, a 3d shape does NOT need to have at least 4 faces. It doesn't even need to have at least 2 faces.A plane is 3d, and it only has one face. It also has 0 edges, and 0 vertices. So, as I stated before Capt cadet erased it with the wrong answer:A plane is the answer to the question.

Shape of the colosseum?

The Colosseum is in the shape of an ellipse.

What is the mathematical shape of an egg?

I think it's an ellipse. Ellipse is most likely the closest shape of an egg.

What is an elongates circle or oval shape called?

Any ellipse is an oval shape. But all ovals are not all ellipses, some are nothing in particular.

Is an ellipse a regular shape?


What two points define the shape of the ellipse?

The two foci are necessary to define the location of an ellipse, but the shape depends on the eccentricity, which is related to the lengths of the two axes.

What is a net shape in a 3d shape?

It depends on the 3d shape.

What a 3d shape is a parallelogram?

It is not a 3D shape.