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A polygon is 2-D. An ice cream cone is 3-D. So no. An ice cream cone is a hollow cone.

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Q: Is an ice cream cone a polygon?
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According how to eat an ice-cream cone what is the most dangerous part of buying an ice cream cone?

Taking the ice cream cone after buying it

Is a ice cream cone a cylinder?

No. cylinder has two circumferences at each side. Ice cream cone has only one circumfereA

What shape is an ice cream cone?

The shape of ice cream is

How much does an ice cream cone cost?

an ice cream cone costs about $3.75.

In how to eat an ice cream cone What does the author compare a melting ice cream cone to?

A hand grenade.

How do you make cupcakes in an ice cream cone?

Bake a cupcake and put it into an ice cream cone

How many calorie in a cone ice cream?

The average ice cream cone has about 250 calories.

In how to eat an ice cream cone when does the author give instructions for taking an ice cream cone from the cashier?

In the middle.

What type of triangle ice cream cone is?

In general, an isosceles triangle.

How to make cup cakes in a ice cream cone?

You cannot make them in an ice cream cone because you have to bake the cup cakes. If you bake the cupcakes in the ice cream cone, not all of the batter will cook and the cone will burn before any of the cupcakes are done. If you want to have cupcakes in your ice cream cone, I would recommend that you make your cupcakes first then crumble it up into an ice cream cone.

Does sherbet come in an ice cream cone?

You can buy a sherbert cone at many ice cream parlors.

Is McDonald's ice cream cone gluten free?

The ice cream is, the cone is not. You would have to ask for it in a cup.

Who invented ice cream cone?

Charelse E. Menches invented the first ice cream cone :)

In how to eat ice cream cone what does the author compare a melting ice cream cone to?

A hand grenade.

What is the most popular ice cream novelty in America?

ice cream cone

How much was an ice cream cone in 1977?

In 1977, an ice cream cone would cost around $0.15. This would vary depending on what kind of ice cream cone was being purchased.

Is a ice cream cone a cone?


According to how to eat an ice cream cone what is the first step in eating an ice-cream cone?

Informing the family that no ice cream will be eaten in the car - Apex

What ice cream would you prefer on a stick or on a cone?

I would prefer ice cream on a cone because you won't get messy that much. If the ice cream on the stick melts , you would be really messy.

What do an ice cream cone and a slice of pizza have in common?

They both have cheese on top; except for the ice cream cone.

What is the difference between ice cream and Hawaiian ice cream?

hawaiian ice cream is pretty much snow cone and ice cream is ice cream

Why is a snow cone a snow cone?

Because it is a cone to hold snow or crushed ice that you can eat. Like an ice cream cone holds ice cream.

How do you lick an ice cream cone?

Well i eat my ice cream cone around and around and hen up tell i hit the cone but not the raper if there is one if there is one I will take it off and tfhrow it in the garbage that is my story on how I eat my ice cream cone.

What shape is the bottom of an ice cream cone?

A cone.

What type of triangle does a ice cream cone have?


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