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An interstate sign could be classified by polygon if allowed, since it has more than 3 sides, but since they are not equal, an interstate sign is technically not a polygon. If you ask an expert this same question, they would probably say "no". Hope this helps.

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Interstate is a polygon shape

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Q: Is an interstate highway sign a polygon?
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Is a interstate sign a regular polygon?


How do you differentiate between a state Highway and an Interstate?

Signage is the only reliable way to tell. State highways will have a state highway sign (what that looks like varies from state to state), while interstate highways will have the blue and red interstate shield.

What are the major highways of California?

The major highways are highway 50 highway 99 and highway 101 As well as Interstate 5, Interstate 40, Interstate 15, Interstate 8, and Interstate 80.

Is I-25 an interstate highway?

it is an interstate

What interstate highway crosses Tennessee from east to west?

The best way to travel from Nashville Tennessee to Knoxville Tennessee is by Interstate 40.

Which interstate highway most closely parallels the Platte River?

Interstate Highway 80.

What state does not have a interstate?

Alaska does not have an interstate highway as an interstate highway requires 4 lane divided road connected at the very minimum state. Alaska is separated from the 48 other states. Thus can not have an interstate highway. Alaska has state highways and it has national scenic routes but are not able to have an interstate highway.

What US Interstate Highway runs through Helena Montana?

The US Interstate Highway that runs through Helena, Montana is Interstate 15.

What nationwide project did eisenhower sign into legislation in 1956 that prompted growth and innovation in heavy equipment?

Interstate Highway System

What is the elevation of the siskiyou pass?

The Highway sign says "Siskiyou Pass, Elev. 4,100', highest point on Interstate 5"

What is the major highway in Tennessee?

Interstate 40, Interstate 75, Interstate 65, Interstate 81, Interstate 55...

What is the Major Highway of Virginia?

Interstate 64 and Interstate 77.