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Q: Is an irrational number raised to an irrational power irrational?
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Does irrational number raised to irrational number be rational number?


How do you turn an irrational number in to a rational number?

Some irrational numbers can be multiplied by another irrational number to yield a rational number - for example the square root of 2 is irrational but if you multiply it by itself, you get 2 - which is rational. Irrational roots of numbers can yield rational numbers if they are raised to the appropriate power

What is 1 to power of 10?

' 1 ' raised to any power = 1 .The power can be a whole number, a fraction, a decimal,positive, or negative, rational or irrational.

When a number is raised to a power this number is multipled by itself the number of times the power indicates?

Yes (when the power is a positive integer). It is possible to have powers that are negative, rational, irrational and even complex and there are similar rules for dealing with them.

When a number is raised to a power what is it called?

The power could then be called an exponent. The number that is being raised to a power is called the base. In the case of 42, the exponent is 2 and the base is 4.

Is 6 to the third power an irrational number?


Are there two irrational numbers where one is raised to the power of the other and the answer is a rational number?

There's always e i x pi = -1 if we're allowed imaginary numbers.

What is a number raised to the second power?

A number raised to the second power is a number times itself. This can also be stated as a number squared.

What does a number raised to the power of 1 equal?

Any number raised to the power of 1 is equal to itself.

What does a number raised to the power of 0 equal?

Any number raised to the power 0 equals 1.

What is the result of a negative number raised to the 54th power?

When a negative number is raised to an even power the result is a positive number

What is power of a number?

A number raised to the power "a" is multiplied by itself "a" times. For example, 5 raised to the power 3 is 5x5x5=125. 2 raised to the power 5 is 2x2x2x2x2=32.