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The angles of all triangles have a sum of 180 degrees.

An isoceles triangle has at least 2 equal sides (if all three are equal, it is an equilateral triangle).

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Why ABD is between 180 and 360?
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Why ADB is between 180and 360
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What is isoceles

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Q: Is an isoceles triangle 180 degrees or 360 degrees?
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How many degrees are in a isosceles triangle?

All triangles have to be 180 degrees so an isoceles is 180 degrees

Why is there 360 degrees in a triangle?

There are 180 degrees in a triangle. Next question?

If 180 degrees is a triangle what is 360 degrees?

360 degrees is either a square or a quadrilateral.

Is a triangle 360 degrees?

No, the internal angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees

What is total of all angles in triangle?

180 degrees because a sqare is 360 degrees and if u slice in halve you get a triangle with 180 degrees.

Degrees in an isosceles triangle?

Interior: 180 degrees Exterior: 360 degrees

What is the number of interior of triangle?

180 degrees. Triangles always have an interior of 180 degrees and quadrilaterals have 360 degrees.

Why do the angels of triangle add up to 180 degrees?

Because a triangle is half of a square or rectangle. Since there are 360 degrees in all the angles of a square, there will be 180 degrees in a triangle.

Does an equallaterail triangle equal 360 degrees?

No. The sum of the angles in ALL triangles is equal to 180 degrees. No triangle's angles equal 360.

How many triangles fit in a trapezoid?

Two of them because there are 360 degrees in a trapezoid and 180 degrees in a triangle and so it follows that 360/180 = 2

Why do angles in a quadrilateral triangle add up to 360?

Because there are 180 degrees in a triangle and a 4 sided quadrilateral is made from two triangles so therefore 2*180 = 360 degrees

How many degrees in one angle of a decagon?

144 degrees. from the triangle (180 degrees) to find the degrees of shapes with one more side, add 180 degrees. e.g. triangle (3 sides) - 180 degrees quadrilateral (4 sides) - 180 + 180 = 360 degrees