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standard. Because i can feel it.

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Q: Is anemometer standard or non-standard measurement?
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How are standard and nonstandard measurement similar?

They are all measurements of some characteristic.

What are standard and nonstandard units of measurement?

standard or imperial measurements are in : inches, feet, yards, pounds, gallons and asuming by nonstandard you mean metric measurements, they are in, millimeters, meters, kilometers, kilograms, liters. .........TADA!

What is a prefix for standard?

The prefix for standard is "non-" as in "nonstandard."

What measurement is used for wind speed?


What the different kinds of measuring?

nonstandard and standard measurements...

What are the different kinds of measurements?

nonstandard and standard measurements...

Difference between standard and non-standard English?

Och, the wee bairn's greeting. That's English, but nonstandard. In standard English it's: Oh, the little baby is crying. How do people say it in your town?

What is the best nonstandard unit to measure the width of a classroom?

You can invent any number of nonstandard units, but none of them is "best". It is best to use standard units, that is, the meter.

How do you rewrite standard to nonstandard of linear function or visebersal?

visebersal = vice versa?

What is the Difference between standard and a nonstandard whirlpool?"

Is The vocabulary of Standard English is more limited than that of nonstandard English?

No, the vocabulary of Standard English is not more limited than that of nonstandard English. Standard English typically includes a wide range of vocabulary that is widely accepted and used in formal writing and speaking, while nonstandard English may have vocabulary specific to certain regions or social groups.

What tells you how fast the is blowing the wind is blowing?

The speed that the wind is blowing is typically measured with an instrument called an anemometer. An anemometer has rotating cups that spin faster as the wind speed increases. The rotation is then converted into a wind speed measurement.