Is area the same with perimeter?

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perimeter is different from area because example is in rectangle from formula until you get the answer you can easily see the difference

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Q: Is area the same with perimeter?
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Related questions

What shape has the same perimeter and area?

A square has the same area and perimeter of 16cm

If same area in a rectangle does that mean same perimeter?

No. For example, a 4x1 rectangle will have an area of 4 and a perimeter of 10. A 2x2 rectangle will have the same area of 4, but a perimeter of 8.

If two squares have the same area what do you know about the perimeter?

Then they both will have the same perimeter

Is there a circle with the same perimeter as area?


Can the perimeter and area be the same?


Does a square with dimensions of 4000 by 4000 have the same area and perimeter?

no the area is 16,000,000 the perimeter is 16,000

What is the same of perimeter area and volume?

the perimeter of the value is that the area and volume are perpendicular to each other

How can the perimeter stay the same and the area change?

4x4 square: perimeter - 16 area - 16 6x2 rectangle perimeter - 16 area - 12

What shapes have the same perimeter but different areas?

Given any shape with a given area you can another shape with the same area but a different perimeter. And convesely, given any perimeter you can have another shape with the same perimeter but a different area. And these apply for the infinite number of shapes.

Is there a shape with the same perimeter and area?

There is a square that has a length of 4. Area: 4 x 4: 16 Perimeter: 4+4+4+4= 16 Yes, there is a shape with the same perimeter and area.

Can a shape have the same area but not perimeter?

Most shapes have different perimeter than area, as far as value.

Is perimeter and area the same?

No , perimeter is the measurement outside of the shape; the border. Area is the measurement of inside of the shape.

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