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my blood is a positif i need blood what i do ?

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Q: Is arh positive compatible with a positive?
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What if your blood group is O positive and parters is O positive are they compatible?

you both have the same type of blood so yes they are compatible

What other blood groups is o positive compatible with?

Type O+ blood is compatible with AB, A+, B+, and O+ blood types. That is, if your blood type is O positive, you can receive AB, A positive, B positive, and O positive blood types.

Is O negative compatible with O positive?

type o is compatible with all blood types

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Can o positive be compatible with o positive?

Yes , I would say they are both the same.

Is o positive compatible with a positive?

Yes. (If you are asking if a type AB positive person can receive O positive blood.)

My blood type is A positive and my partners is B positive are they compatible?

No. The A positive antigen is supposed to set off the A positive antibody, which the B positive blood type does not have.

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Is blood type A positive compatible with B positive to have babies?

yes blood groups have nothing to do with reproduction.

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