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Yes, both methods are ways to find the area of either a square, rectangle or even a parallelogram.

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Q: Is base times height the same as length times width?
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Is base times height equal length?

Base times height tims width equal to length

Is length times width the same as base times height?

yes because the height is how tall the object is, and the base is how wide the object is, so therefor, base x height is the same thing as length x width. (answer by _mistercat_)

What is the volume of rectangular prism if base area is 32 cm squared and height is 12 cm how do you get answer?

The volume of a rectangular prism is the length times the width times the height. The area of the base is length times width. Multiply that by the height. 384 cubic cm.

What is the formula of a cube?

Base times Width times height. Take the measurement of the base, multiply it by the measurement of the width and multiply it all again by the measurement of the height. B*W*H=Cube another way of saying it: volume: multiply the length times the length times the length. Surface area: length times width times six.

How do you find volume of block?

length x width x height = volume

How do you find the area of a figure on a graph paper?

count the squares inside, but if you are looking for the real formulas: parallelogram= base times height , triangle =1/2 base times height trapezoid = 1/2 height times (base 1+ base 2) rectangle = length times width, square= length times width. hope this helped!

What is the volume of a ceral box?

The area of the base (length times width) multiplied by the height.

What is the formula for findign the area of a rectangle?

length x width, or base times height

What is length on a rectangle?

length is base and height is width

Where does base go in volume or area?

V=Bh. Base is the B in the equation. In Surface area, for cube is is 6s² where s is side, or side length. For Rectangular prisms, it is 2lw + 2wh + 2lh. l=length, w=width, h=height. If there is a rectangular prism with a square base, do l x w or length times width and multiply it by 2. Do that for width times height and length times height. I hope this helped.

What is the formula to find volume in cubes?

The term cubic applies to cubes, cuboids, and other parallelograms, which have 3 dimensions - length, width, and height for example. To find the volume, multiply the length times the width times the height in any consistent units. The formula is L x W x H.

For a rectangle length and width are sometimes used in place of?

Base and height