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It is an equation ... Anything with an equals is an equation 2+b=6

Anything without an equals is an expression 2+a

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Q: Is c equals ab to the second power a equation or expression?
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What is x to the second power plus y to the second power equals z to the second power?

It's an equation. Specifically, in 3 dimensions it's the equation of a right cone centered on the origin.

How do you solve -7p two to the second power negative 2p to the third power plus 5p?

-7p2 -2p3 + 5 is an expression, not an equation or inequality. An expression cannot be solved

What is the equation 2 to the power of 4?

2 to the power of 4 is an expression, it is not an equation.

What is x to the 2nd power minus 9x plus 90?

A quadratic equation, if there's an equals stil to come... Otherwise it's just an expression.

Is 2x to the second power-3 a linear eqation?

No because without an equality sign the given expression can't be considered to be an equation.

What is 3x to the 2nd power equals -7?

An equation.

What is the value of begin expression . . . 81 times x raised to the second power times y raised to the third power plus z . . . end exression if x equals 3 y equals 4 and z equals 19?

It is: (81*9*64)+19 = 46,675

What is x in the equation 5 to the power of x equals 5000?

5 to the 5.23231 power

What is the expression for the expression 3 to the second power plus 24?

It's 32 + 24

What is an equation that involves a number raised to a variable power?

An exponential equation.

what is the verbal expression of 3b to the second power plus 2a to the 3rd power?

The verbal expression of 3b to the second power plus 2a to the 3rd power is "three b squared plus two a cubed."

What is the name for a polynomial equation containing a variable to the second power?

A quadratic equation.