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No ,doing math in your head is called mental math ;which is only used if you were to be skip counting or any other thing's hopefully i answered it pretty good.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-30 22:32:29
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Q: Is doing math problem in your head work?
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How do you work out the difference maths problem?

by doing math

Define to work out a math problem?

To work out a correct solution to a problem.

How do you solve a velocity math problem?

hoverboard work on the genuis

When is math used?

math is used when you are trying to brake a problem down or trying to work something out

What mean to model a problem?

show the work to something or a problem to something ; math problem or scientific method :)

What should you do you have a math project for school and first you have to find a pattern of something you have found the pattern but now you need to find out how the math problem can relate math to?

It depends on the math problem, some how you have to work the pattern into the math problem. and you will need to figuer if you can prodict if it is right.

Can I solve world's hardest math problem?

Anyone can if they work hard at it.

What does check mean in math?

In math, check means to check your work by reversing the problem and making sure it works out.

What does it mean to use appropriate tools strategically in the common core standards for math?

It means that when somebody reads the work you did as you solved a math problem, they can see that you had a handle on what you were doing, and a reason for doing it the way you did it, and your approach to the solution didn't resemble the actions of a centipede being washed down the drain.

How do you work a math problem with parentesse?

Work what is inside the parantheses first, then do the rest of the problem. Example: 4+(6-2)= 4+4=8

How do checks and balances work?

Checks and balances work by taxes and government preatty much doing the math of your money for you.

Why do math proportions work?

because if you compare it to 100% or 100 it will give you the correct answer to your problem.

Is the weightlifter doing any work when she holds the barbell motionless above her head?

This weightlifter did work on the barbell to lift it over her head.

Do you work better with or without music?

depends on what i am doing. English homework-yes math homework-no

Why are you good at math but not at writing?

Math and writing are two different types of work. Writing uses creativity and knowledge. Math requires crittical thinking and problem solving skills.

How to work out the math problem find three quarters of .0056?

0.0056 x 0.75 = 0.0042

What is1 half subtract 1.25?


How would I work out this math problem 5ml equals 0.005 liters?

yes, that is a true statement.... What is the question?

What is the standard form of a math problem?

Standard form in math, is the process of simplifying a long number, to something small and easier to work with.

What do you need for math extended response?

you need what are you asked in the problem, what you did and why and what is your answer. also show all your work, explain in words how you got your answer and why you did the steps you did to solve the problem

What if you fail math in middle school?

If you fail math in middle school, you'd probably get kicked out of that school. Or if you fail math, you should always concentrate or study more often. Go in a quite room and do your work. Spend unnecessary time doing work.

What is 10 times 5 with mental math?

50 what's "mental math" supposed to mean? if it just means you did it in your head, then there is no difference between mental and regular math, except that it is harder to check your work.

What does simplify mean in math?

Solve, or to work the problem until there are no other smaller answers until there are no more numbers

Why does the maths book have so many problems?

because,the math work book has so much problem sums.

How does a soldier use math in there job?

Usually they wouldn't, being a soldier is about doing dirty work with weapons, and doing long marches. Not much math involved with just shooting people. However, officers may definitely use math, they have to organize their forts and sometimes decide where to attack.