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Nope, I wish it was but for me at least it did not work.

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Q: Is driver parallel lines compatible with xbox 360?
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Is driver parallel lines a two player game?

not on the ps2 but im not sure about xbox

Is there a way you can play Driver 3 on the Xbox 360?

Unfortunately not. Driver 3 was not released on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox version is not compatible on the Xbox 360.

Why is xBox 360 not compatible with Linksys wireless N router?

It is compatible with Xbox 360, and Xbox live.

What mp3 players are compatible with the xbox 360?

compatible mp3 players for xbox 360

Put compatible in a sentence?

Most original Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 compatible?

What is?

Will dark souls 2 be compatible with xbox one?

Yes. Dark Souls 2 is compatible with the Xbox One.

Is the sims 2 compatible with the xbox 360?

If you mean is the original Xbox version cross-compatible with 360, then yes, it is.

Is the classic Xbox controller compatible with the Xbox 360 system?


Can you play an x-box 360 disc on ps2?

No xbox 360 is not compatible with playstation it is only compatible with the xbox 180

Do Xbox games work for Xbox360?

Yes, Xbox games are compatible with the Xbox 360.

Will the scuff be compatible with the 720?

It is believed that the scuff controller will be compatible with the Xbox 720. However, until the Xbox 720 is released, no one can say for sure if the controller will be compatible.