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Q: Is dulux have anything to do with valspar?
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When was Valspar created?

Valspar was created in 1806.

What is the population of Valspar?

The population of Valspar is 9,946.

Who is the actor in the lowe's valspar commercial?

Actor in valspar commercial

What is the symbol for Valspar Corporation - The - in the NYSE?

The symbol for Valspar Corporation (The) in the NYSE is: VAL.

Where can you find a list of all paint colors sold by Valspar?

To see a list of all the paint colors sold by Valspar you can visit your local Valspar Retailer. Lowes nationwide sells Valspar Paints. You can also view colors, use a virtual sampler, and order paint samples at Valspar's website.

How do you convert dulux to RGB?

In Photoshop you can not convert RGB to Dulux.

What is the market cap for Valspar Corporation - The - VAL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Valspar Corporation (The) (VAL) is $6,481,854,400.98.

Is dulux trade paint better than dulux diamond paint XL?

diamond matt is better than dulux trade matt, more hard wearing and wipable, dulux diamond matt isn't even made by dulux, they just put their name on the tin. they had to cos it was so much better than their paint.

What is the name of the song on Dulux ad?

There are a few ads by Dulux, can you describe it. Also check related link

What products does the Australian based company Dulux manufacture?

Dulux is not a company, but a brand of paint. The company that produces the paint is called Akzonobel. The Dulux brand name was formerly used by the companies ICI and DuPont.

Who sell Valspar paints in Santa Fe NM?

Valspar Paint is available at Ace Hardware, 2006 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe NM.

What RAL9010 in Dulux?

a off white