Is easy peasy a neologism

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is easy peasy a neologism
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What does it mean when something is described as easy peasy?

Something that is described as "easy peasy" is something that is very easy to accomplish. For example, some might think it's "easy peasy" to do 10 pushups.

What does peasy mean?

Peasy means Easy like picking up a toy off your bed! Peasy is not actually a word its a fake one from a fairytail book called Peasy the pea the word they made it from is easy that you can see P Easy

What is adjectives for bravery?

Brave, easy peasy.

How does the earth fish?

Easy peasy nice and cheesy

How do you get azure flute pokemon diamond?

easy peasy

What YOU do about pizza?

Marry it.Then eat it. Easy Peasy

What region is jamica in?

jamica is in Africa easy peasy

What are the release dates for Chopped - 2007 Easy Peasy 8-1?

Chopped - 2007 Easy Peasy 8-1 was released on: USA: 12 July 2011

What are the release dates for Cooking for Real - 2008 Easy Peasy Party?

Cooking for Real - 2008 Easy Peasy Party was released on: USA: 31 October 2009

Where does the phrase 'easy-peasy japanesey' come from?

The phrase "easy-peasy Japanesey" is said to come from a 1970's TV commercial in the UK. The commercial was for the Lemon Squeezy detergent.

What is the ordered pair for the point of origin?

(0,0)Easy peasy!

What is 24 on earth?

24 hours on earth. easy peasy.