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Yes because the only way a triangle can be equiangular is if every angle is 60 degrees

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Q: Is every equiangular triangle an acute triangle?
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Can some acute triangles be equiangular?

Yes indeed. In fact, every equiangular triangle is an acute one.

Every equiangular triangle is an acute triangle?

Yes because each of the 3 angles measured 60 degrees which is an acute angle.

Is equiangular triangle is an acute triangle?


Is a every equiangular triangle an acute triangle?

Yes because the 3 equal interior angles each measure 60 degrees which is an acute angle

Can an acute triangle be an equiangular triangle?

Only when it has 3 equal acute angles of 60 degrees

Is An equiangular triangle congruent to every other equiangular triangle?


Can an equiangular triangle be an acute?

It must be. There are 180° in a triangle. If they are equiangular or equilateral, as I was taught. Then all three must be 60° (180/3).As this is less than a right angle 90° it is an acute angle and therefore an acute triangle

Can a equiangular triangle be an equilateral triangle?

Every equilateral triangle is equiangular, and every equiangular triangle is equilateral.

Is every isosceles triangle equiangular?

No but an equilateral triangle is equiangular

What are the three names of a regular triangle?

Regular, Acute, and Equilateral * * * * * Regular and Equilateral are correct but not Acute. An acute triangle with angles of 50,60 70 degrees for example, is not regular. An equiangular triangle is the third possible name.

What is the difference between eguiangular and equilateral triangles?

An equiangular triangle has 3 equal angles inside it. Since the angles of every triangle add up to 180 degrees, each angles of an equiangular triangle is 60 degrees. An equilateral triangle has all of its 3 sides the same length. Here's an extra mind-boggling factoid: Every equiangular triangle is equilateral, and every equilateral triangle is equiangular.

Does a equiangular triangle have to be equilateral?

No, an equilateral triangle has to be equiangular, but an equiangular triangle does NOT have to be equilateral