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No. Though every perfect square is a rational number, not every rational number is a perfect square.

Example: 2 is a rational number but sqrt(2) is not rational, so 2 is not a perfect square.

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Q: Is every rational number a perfect square?
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Related questions

Rational numbers who square roots are whole numbers?

Every integer is a rational number, and some integers are perfect squares. These are the only rational numbers to have an integral square root.

What are all numbers than make a square?

All numbers can make a square. Every real number makes a positive real square. Every rational number makes a rational square. Every integer makes a perfect square.

Every positive rational number and its negative pair?

Every positive rational number and its negative are the two square roots of the same positive rational number.

Is 4 divided by 9 not a square number?


Does every positive rational number has a square root?


What is the relationship of rational numbers and real number?

The set of rational numbers is a subset of the set of real numbers. That means that every rational number is a real number, but not every real number is rational. The square root of 2 is an example of a real number that isn't rational; that is, it can't be expressed as the quotient of two integers.

Is every integer a rational number or is every rational number an integer?

Every integer is a rational number.

Is the square root of 7 rational or irrational?

It is a irrational number. Because the square root of every imperfect square is irrational number.

Is Every square root is irrational?

No because as for example the square root of 25 is 5 which is a rational number

Is 225 a square?

Technically, every positive number is a square in the real number system, but I assume you mean perfect square. And yes, 225 is a perfect square. 152 = 225

What number can be increased or decreased by 10 and you will still have a square number?

"Still" implies that the original number is a square number. In that case, the answer is as follows: There is no number such that it is a perfect sqiuare and that the number increased (or decreased) by 10 is also a perfect square. And if you do not limit it to perfect square then every non-negative number is a square with the number that is 10 more also being a square.

If you take the square root of an irrational number.Will it be irrational too?

Certainly. Otherwise, there would be a rational number whose square was an irrational number; that is not possible. To show this, let p/q be any rational number, where p and q are integers. Then, the square of p/q is (p^2)/(q^2). Since p^2 and q^2 must both be integers, their quotient is, by definition, a rational number. Thus, the square of every rational number is itself rational.

Every rational number is a real number?

Yes it is, but not every real number is a rational number

Is every number a rational number?

No but every integer is a rational number and numbers that can be expressed as fractions are also rational numbers

Why is 5 a rational number?

because every integer is a rational number

Is every real number also a rational number?

No. "Pi", "e", and the square root of 2 are all real and irrational.

Fraction is a rational numbers but not every rational number is a fraction?

Every rational number can be expressed as a fraction. It's what rational means- a number that can be expressed as a ratio (fraction) of integers.

Is every rational number a whole number?

No. Every rational number is not a whole number but every whole number is a rational number. Rational numbers include integers, natural or counting numbers, repeating and terminating decimals and fractions, and whole numbers.

A whole number that is not an rational number?

Every whole number is rational.

Is 794 a square number?

Every number is a squared number- it is a square of something. However, 794 is not a perfect square number. 28 squared is 784 and 29 squared is 841. The square root of 794 is 28.1780056072107.

What is a number that's real and rational?

Every rational number.

What is a square number between 1 and 4?

There is no perfect square number between 1 and 4. On the other hand, every number is a square - or its square roots.

What number is real and irrational?

Every real number is either rational, or irrational. Examples of irrational numbers include: * The square root of any positive integer, except that of a perfect square. * The number pi. * The number e. * Any of the above, multiplied by or added to a rational number - for example 2 x pi, 2/3 times the square root of 2, etc. * An expression like 10 to the power x is irrational for most values of x.

What number produces a rational number when multiplied by .5?

Every rational number does.

Which number produces a rational number when added to 0.25?

Every rational number does.

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