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No because they can also be positive numbers

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Q: Is every rational number negative
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Every positive rational number and its negative pair?

Every positive rational number and its negative are the two square roots of the same positive rational number.

Why are every positive rational number greater than every negative rational number?

It is because of the way in which positive and negative numbers are defined.

Is a additive inverse of any rational number a negative number?

The additive inverse of EVERY positive rational number is a negative number.

Can every negative integer is a rational number.. please answer for me.. linjelou musong pl?

Yes, every negative integer is rational.

What numbers can be integers rational and real number?

Every counting number, and the negative of it, are real, rational integers.

Is every negative integer a rational number?

Yes. All integers are rational numbers.

Is negative fraction a rational number?

every fraction is rational...just so u know

Is negative 3 a rational number or irrational number?

Negative three is a rational number.

What is the negative of a negative rational number?

It is the positive value of that rational number.

Is every whole number a natural integer and a rational number?

Every whole number is rational and an integer. But the "natural" numbers are definedas the counting numbers, so the negative whole numbers wouldn't qualify.No and yes: it is not a natural number but it is a rational number.

Is -5 a non-negative rational number?

No, -5 is a negative, rational number.

Is every integer a rational number or is every rational number an integer?

Every integer is a rational number.

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