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Q: Is fetal movement usually felt only on one side?
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I am feeling little flutters in my belly but I'm only 8weeks what is it?

If you are sure you are only 8 weeks then fluttering is most likely gas. Women who have previously been pregnant often feel fetal movement much earlier than in a first pregnancy.

Why would you feel movement in your abdomen yet have not missed your monthly cycle and the home test was negative?

movement during pregnancy can only be felt during the fifth or sixth month, you probably just have gases in your stomach!

What does a smooth muscle provide?

Smooth muscle is responsible for involuntary movement, just like skeletal muscle, only the movement is usually in the internal organs.

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Is feeling some movement in your stomach along with heartburns headaches white discharge signs of pregnancy if you still have a period?

Fetal movement isn't felt until around week 20 of pregnancy, which is half way through a normal pregnancy and it is still very low in the abdomin, like down in the pubic bone area...NOT the stomach. This is not the first and only sign of pregnancy you would have if you were 4 and a half months pregnant. By then you would have a baby bump and everything. I really doubt that it is pregnancy, maybe just indigestion.

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Are lungs of a fetal pig functioning?

Fetal lungs are not functioning; no organism can start to breathe while immersed in amniotic fluid. Lungs only begin to function at birth.

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When you feel your pregnant cats tummy you can only feel one movement at any one timedoes that mean she only has one kitten?

She probably has 1-2 kittens maybe more cause I had a cat that I thought that I felt 2 kittens but she only had 1.

Can you feel your baby move at eleven weeks?

It is highly unlikely that you would, it could just be gas. You generally won't start noticing movement until the start of your second trimester but every woman is different. A female who has had more than one child may feel movement early just because she is aware of what this movement feels like already. Every woman is different. Usually for your first pregnancy you dont feel movement until around 17-20 weeks, and sometimes later. A lot of times women dont relize what fetal movement feels like so they may have movement and not acknowledge it as that. It feels like fluttering or butterflies and first time moms are usually not as in-tune or as sensitive to the movement. I am pregnant with my third child and I am 12 weeks and I feel movement so it is possible. Every woman is different and you know your body best so you cant rely on standards and typicals...only you know what your body is going through.