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Q: Is fifty eight hundredths bigger than five and eight tenths?
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How do you write 8.52 in words?

Eight point fifty two or eight and fifty two hundredths.

What is 5.38 in tenths and hundreds?

Fifty-three tenths and eight hundredths

How do you write 58.19 in words?

It is fifty eight and nineteen hundredths.

What is the word form for .58?

Fifty- eight hundredths

What is two and fifty eight one-hundredths?

Two and fifty-eight hundredths = 2.58 in decimal form.

What is the word form 8.59 and what is the value of the 5?

8.59 is eight point five nine, or eight and fifty-nine hundredths The 5 is in the tenths column so its value is five tenths.

How many hundredths are in five tenths?

There are fifty hundredths in five tenths. 50/100 = 5/10

How do you write five and fifty-eight hundredths as a decimal?

five and fifty-eight hundredths = 5.58 in decimal

What is 352.8 in word form?

three hundred fifty two and eight tenths

Is 5.8 greater than fifty eight hundredths?


How do you write 8.57 in word form?

8.57 is eight point five seven or eight and fifty seven hundredths

What is 0.58 in words?

Fifty-eight hundredths.

Is tenths greater than hundredths?

It depends on how many you have. One tenth is greater than one hundredth, but fifty hundredths is greater than two tenths.

Is five tenths the same as fifty hundredths?

Yes, both are 1/2.

How do you spell 78.56?

Seventy eight point fifty six Seventy eight and fifty six hundredths

How 58.8 written in word form?

Fifty-eight and eight tenths

What is 58.25?

fifty eight and twenty five hundredths

How do you write .58?

fifty-eight hundredths.

What is 8.52 in words?

eight and fifty-two hundredths

What is the word form for 0.58?

Fifty-eight hundredths.

What is bigger 0.5 or 0.07?

.5 is bigger because fifty one-hundredths is more than seven one-hundredths.

Three and eight hundred fifty-seven thousandths in decimal notation?

3.0857 meant to be read three point zero tenths eight hundredths five thousandths and seven tens of thousandths.

Is five ones and eight tenths greater than fifty-eight tenths?

5.8 is equivalent to 58/10

How do you write 58.07 in word form?

58.07 = fifty eight and seven hundredths (or fifty eight dollars and seven cents)

How do you spell 1758582.58?

One millon, seven hundred fifty-eight thousand, five hundred eighty-two, and fifty-eight hundredths (fifty-eight cents if money).